What Are Kegels, and Do I Really Want to Exercise Them?

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Without getting all technical, medical, or trying to sound like a pro at anything other than I am *wink*, let me give you the rub-down, err, run-down.

Named for Dr. Kegel (the lucky fuck who is credited with their 'discovery,' tho I am certain the first folks to have sex knew there was something to this even if they didn't slice open another open to 'see how'). Where was I? Oh, yes, Dr. Kegel is the big kahuna who 'discovered' & 'noted' the importance of the exercises. So, duh, they are named after him.

So Doc figured out that the pubococcygeus muscle would, like any other, benefit from exercise. (His folks are so proud they sent him to medical school!)

The fact that it is the pubococcygeus muscle isn't what you need to worry about ~ it won't be on the final. What you do need to know is that this is the 'love muscle' or main "sexual" muscle that supports the urethra, bladder, vagina, penis, uterus and rectum.

Now that you see the area I am talking about, I am sure your folks are as proud of you as Doc Kegel's were of him. You can see how one muscle wrapped around all that good stuff need to be exercised ~ and often!

But the kicker is that you can workout, alone, in a non-sexual fashion pretty much any damn place you feel like it, and no one will notice you.

There is one trick, of course: How to work that sex muscle when you aren't fuckin'.

Not being a doc, let me tell you the easiest way to identify & begin your exercise regimen. Go take a pee ~ no, really! ~ go take a pee & stop your urine flow mid-stream. Feel that? That's a Kegel exercise!

Every time you go to the little boys or little girls room to go #1, stop & start & stop & start. That's the muscle work-out. Don't use your butt, legs, abs or anything, just 'there' that's all. You may not be able to stop it well, if at all, but keep trying. Unlike sit-ups or ab crunches, this works fast.

Once you can do that easily, step up to 'dry work.' Anytime, anywhere, 'squeeze there' ~ stop ~ squeeze ~ stop. Do sets of 10, then rest. As it gets easier, do two sets of 10 etc.

You don't need to go crazy with it. For most folks, doing the exercises while urinating is fine to keep it up, but feel free to do them while waiting for the green light, in line for groceries, whatever. No one will tell, honest.

What do you get out of this?

Men, after just a few weeks, you should notice increased stamina, a higher erection angle, and more intense orgasms.

If you are into showing off, you'll be delighted to know it increases ejaculation distance and volume.

Not bad for controlling your urine (now try to keep it all in the bowl, will ya?)

Women, after a few short weeks, you should notice it is easier for you to orgasm ~ and they are stronger. The long term benefits are preventing prolapse & incontinence, as well as making childbirth & recovery easier.

Super bonus round ~ These exercises will make your vagina more sensitive. Even with the little guys you'll feel more!

And it's not just about you ~ Squeeze during sex & you will get tighter! If you squeeze ~ stop ~ squeeze it is actually griping & pulling his penis (fingers, whatever). Drives 'em wild!

So go forth & urinate with control!

With much affection,

Gracie is no doc or medical person, so here's the disclaimer (which even if she was a medical pro, she'd still have to use to cover her fine ass) ~~ *Always seek advice from your doctor before beginning anything that affects your health or body.

(Gee, are we supposed to ask our docs about even having sex? ...it does affect your health & body... 'Hey, Dr. Roberts, I am thinking of finally letting Donald get into my panties, what do you think?')


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Discuss This (8 Comments)

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