Hormones and Pregnancy

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Hormones, are they a blessing or a curse? They are what separates women and men, what makes a woman ultimately female but there has to be a perfect balance of those hormones or they can cause anything and everything from acne, to cancer, to mental meltdowns. A woman goes into hormonal overload during pregnancy. It's a hormonal roller coaster of ups and downs, twists and turns and you never know what is going to happen. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.

Female hormones, estrogen, progesterone, they make us what we are and they can drive us crazy. For such a short time in our lives little girls are not tortured or tormented by hormones then puberty strikes and hormones run rampant.

Women are blessed and cursed at the same time by all the wonderful and not so wonderful hormones do for us. They make us soft and feminine, making us ultimately female, curvy and smooth. They can control our libido, sexual desires and sex drive; they can cause acne, bone loss, cancer or depression. Hormones can make us happy or make us a psychotic bundle of nerves and during pregnancy hormones can make just about anything and everything happen.

Over the years I’ve went through the phases of dealing with hormones and hormonal imbalances. I survived puberty and even made it through a couple pregnancies. Then I dealt with hormonal imbalances that caused me to suffer from adult acne, weight gain, weight loss, hormonal headaches, extreme psychotic moments (there were voices involved), PMS and PMDD. I think my doctor tried just about every type of birth control pill to get things regulated. One of those pills caused the voices and PMDD. I was uncontrollable. The week before my period my family practically had to move out of the house. I had to warn everyone, especially my husband, “It is ,That Week, leave me alone and stay out of my way.” Finally I said screw it, stopped taking any pills and went natural. That worked until I ended up pregnant again.

My last pregnancy sent me on a hormonal roller coaster I was not prepared for at all. During this last pregnancy I dealt with depression, violent bursts of anger, and spontaneous crying not to mention all the normal things a pregnant woman goes through like weight gain, skin discoloration, nipple enlargement, strange hair growth… the list could go on forever. The weirdest part was the strange sexual dreams and fantasies I would have and the way my sex drive swung back and forth. For awhile my sexual urges were in overdrive, then as the pregnancy wore on I didn’t want anything to do with sex. Then towards the very end I was horny as hell though too big and uncomfortable to do much about it.

I think what I hated the most during this last pregnancy was the effect hormones had on me and my emotions. I started crying a lot. I am not a person that cries very much, especially not in front of anyone. Suddenly I would cry at the drop of a hat. My husband could say “Boo” and I’d burst into tears. The first time I had one of my crying episodes I scared my husband and every time after that he was always a little shocked because after five years he was not accustomed to seeing me cry, especially over something as silly as a Hallmark commercial or a sappy song playing on the radio. My mom’s cat died and I cried for three days (the cat was 15 years old, he had been there when I was still a teenager living at home, but still, three days of crying?) Everything set me off. I had to carry tissues with me everywhere I went, made sure I had dark sunglasses and extra makeup to fix anything that ran or smeared. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about.

I will not go through another pregnancy. I’m done. Tubes are getting tied or the husband’s getting snipped, probably both because neither one of us wants to go through the turmoil this last pregnancy caused us both. Hormones drove us both crazy. I think he suffered just as much as I did; of course I probably made him suffer. Anyway I still have plenty of other hormonal things to look forward to. Who knows what they will do to me in the future? I’m sure there will be more episodes of PMS and possibly PMDD and who knows what else. Then there’s always menopause looming ahead of me at some point. The things women have to deal with, oh well I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even with all the craziness being a woman is the most wonderful thing, I couldn’t imagine being a man they have their own issues with testosterone, hair loss, and aggression. No thanks.


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