The Art of Kissing

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Gracie's thoughts on kissing.

Despite the images in the all-too-real movies such as 'Pretty Woman' (and yes, that is sarcastic), I can't say that kissing is, as a rule, against the rules of professional sex workers.

I'd say the pro's position on kissing is as varied as the many other positions a pro may take in the course of work. *wink*

Some avoid it, saying that it is too personal to use at work. And I can see why.

Lips are sensitive. Biologically, the lips & tongue are the most sensitive parts of the body. (The lips contain the most number of nerve endings per square inch as any other body part, with the back having the least ~ hence the 'ticklish sensations.)

This, of course, will give you some rather intense feelings. But can it be more powerful than the sensations from sexual activities?


Why? Partially because of the human constraints of touch. We only allow those most intimate to us the proximity to, or the contact of our faces.

Yes, touching of genitals is not exactly right up there with a hand-shake, but faces are sacred in their own right.

Maybe it has to do with the eyes...

But a kiss, oh, a good kiss can melt you right down to your soul, make you weak in the knees, & turn the faucets of love on full force. *giggle*

So, as a pro, did I or did I not kiss?

I sure as hell did.

If the point of an encounter with me was to achieve a connection with your erection, then kissing was required.

And hell, if it helped me go with the flow, then let the tides roll in & out ~ fade to black...

Now I can't speak for every pro. I can't even say that this was a recommended practice.

But there were plenty of days I sure loved my work.

And plenty of other days where I realized why Mr. Cute & Wealthy was alone. The art of a great kiss has been lost on many. *sigh*

But not on me...


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Discuss This (20 Comments)

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