ORGASM - The Faces of Ecstasy

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Betti Mustang witnesses twenty-two orgasms in 120 minutes. It's like a fucking smorgasbord. Pun intended.

Okay, so considering the fact that I can be a little mean-spirited at times, and considering the fact that I just spent a good amount of time watching the facial expressions (and the facial expressions only) of a bunch of random people having orgasms, and considering the fact that I think that orgasms can be kind of funny, I could poke a lot of fun at Orgasm - The Faces of Ecstasy

But I won’t.

Why, you may ask? Why am I going to withhold the splendor of my smart-ass nature with you dear readers?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe I’m in a shitty mood. Maybe I need to have my own fucking orgasm. Maybe I’m just being stingy. I think the real reason is that I went into watching this documentary a little apprehensive-- I had my doubts. By the time that I had finished the DVD I had a strange appreciation for the twenty-two individuals that participated in the project. I mean, how can you make fun of people who are willing to have their facial expressions during masturbation and orgasm filmed? These people are soldiers. Seriously. Film my pussy any day of the week, but leave my face out of it... My face is, well, too intimate.

The bottom line is that these individuals in the Orgasm - The faces of Ecstasy are just bigger people than I am. Hands down.

Therefore, I will try to do them justice by a basic who, what, when, where type of review.

Who: Blank Tapes and Libido Films asked adults in San Francisco to have orgasms for the camera. The catch? The orgasms are filmed shoulders up-- no back shots, no come wads, no puffy labia's. Twenty-two people between the ages of 22-68 participated.

It was amazing to see the diversity in the individuals. There was the fresh faced young woman who “hopes her mom sees the tape”, a shaved-head guy with the most intense expression in his eyes that kept whispering “fuck”, a beautiful, quiet, goddess like woman who said that she had been raised as a “good Catholic school girl”, an older gentleman who has masturbated on the walls of Babylon because “there’s just something about leaving my seed in a place like that”, a Latino woman with glitter on her eyelids that likes to lick her lips and waggle her tongue, and Bill Noble - erotica writer extrordinare who is every bit as dashing and handsome as I have imagined.

The list goes on.

What: Interviews with the individuals pre and post orgasm. The directors ask these people questions like: Why did you consider doing this project? How do you feel about masturbation? Do you think that the filming of the face during orgasm is a political statement. Are you scared? Are you embarrassed? etc.

Their answers are diverse and will surprise the viewer.

Where: The San Francisco Bay Area.

When: The film came out in 2004.

Why: I would speculate that the main mission behind Orgasm: The Faces of Ecstasy is to give viewers a realistic idea of an orgasm. It’s kinda like the anti-porn adult documentary. No fake orgasms, no bullshit. It kind of de-sexes sex. In a good way. It takes the genitals out of the picture so that the viewers can sit back and really experience an intimate moment with the participants.

Conclusion: In closing, I want to say that I think that this film is an important step toward sexual freedom. Really. The way that it’s shot you feel really connected to the participants. I think that everyone should watch it. Seriously. Every adult that is about to embark into the world of sex (or even those who have been walking the path for a while) can benefit from witnessing real orgasms from real people. Porn flicks are a lot of fun, but I think that they distort a lot of young minds into a false idea of what sex should be like-- what a climax should look like and sound like.

Will I watch it again? Maybe. Will I recommend it to my friends? Maybe in passing. Will I recommend it to my kids when they are old enough to engage in sexual activity? You bet.

Until Next Time,
Betti Mustang

Review of Orgasm: The Faces of Ecstasy by Betti Mustang.


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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