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If there's one face we all wear, it's Orgasm Face. Like Morning Face, it's not our most attractive face, but sooner or later, the object of our affections is going to see it.

Unlike Morning Face, we may go our entire lives and not see our Orgasm Face, and the partner we desire, and want to desire us, is going to see this face - often, if they are doing their job correctly (if not, why on earth are we still letting him/her screw us?!)

So, here we are, wandering about, putting our best face forward to lure a mate in, and then, whether we want to or not, this mate will see our Orgasm Face. This means, that when you consent to sexual relations, you are also consenting to being seen when you are less than perfect.

I first had this thought when I watched porn star Chloe in a movie this weekend. For years I've been having sex, and I was oblivious to this fact - well, not oblivious to my orgasms, or even the fact that I might be making odd faces, but I really had no idea until I saw Chloe have an intense orgasm. No way she was faking that! If she was faking it, she'd make some sexy, hot face, with a moaning noise slipping past her pouty lips - but no, here she was, grimacing while grinding, cuming while contorting her face.

Now, before any Chloe fans get all upset, let me tell you, I'm not mocking Chloe - I'm simply pointing out that until that moment, I never gave my Orgasm Face any thought.

Self-conscious now, I had to ask my husband if I looked like that - and then, before he could answer I put my hands over his mouth & laughing (but paranoid & in a panic) I told him not to tell me. I turned back to the DVD, and became lost in lust & well, let's just say it was no longer on my mind when I had my multiple a bit later ;)

However, I now wonder what I look like... So, I've become a bit obsessed with faces during orgasm...

If you'd like to check them out as well, I'd start with Beautiful Agony, and then move on to Orgasm: Faces of Ecstasy.

And then let me know if you get enough courage to ask your partner to film you - I'm just about there...


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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