Vixen's Guide To Messy Sex - Part Three

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Gettin' Sticky With It

Every skilled lover has a set of tricks, things they are good at -- even known for. One of my tricks is Cool-Whip play. Now, many of you will think you know how to play this edible seduction game, but we all can learn a new trick, so here's how I play.

First, you must buy a frozen tub of Cool-Whip. No cans of whipped cream. A tub of Cool-Whip (or it's generic tub equivalent) is what you need. Why my aversion to whipped cream in a can? For one, this easy-spray-way of application is counter-productive to our mission. This is not a neat event. And two, well, you'll see soon enough.

OK, so buy your tub of frozen Cool-Whip. Keep it in the freezer.

Let's say you're going to perform this as an after dinner treat. Then you'd take the tub out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator just before dinner, or approximately 2-3 hours prior to serving up your lover as a tasty dish. There's a reason for this, so no thawing a tub of Cool-Whip out first!

Now, once you've moved him (or her) to bed, and stripped them down, have them wait, naked, for you. Options for this include a some bondage or light restraints -- a blindfold adds to the event too.

Return to the bedroom, carrying the tub, and place it within reach. Lightly kiss and play with your mate first. If they are bound, the anticipation of what you are up to is quite arousing!

(When you are ready to begin, folks with long hair may want to tie it back first, as this does get very messy and as you'll see, it's difficult to remove hair from your eyes when your fingers are covered in Cool-Whip.)

Next, stick your hand into that tub & scoop out some cream. You'll immediately notice that part of the tub is nearly frozen yet -- this is a good thing! Your lover's skin will be warm with arousal, and a giant scoop of semi-frozen Cool-Whip will be shocking -- and then you can delight with your warm, hungry mouth.

I like to begin at the top of what I call Cool-Whip Trail -- the center of the body, from throat to genitals. Quickly scoop on the cream, then slowly lick & suck it off... Repeating as you move down the torso.

I like to build drama, so at the chest, I will move to each nipple, then back to the Cool-Whip Trail, until I reach the belly button. At or near the belly button, I will move down one side, to the thigh. Now thighs are very sensitive as it is, so the cold cream, your hands, your mouth, well, this conbined with the anticipation of what is next will have them writhing for sure now. Take your time! Move to the other thigh -- yes, jump right across to the other leg, for after such a linear approach, this jump is unexpected.

By the time you get to his cock or her pussy, they'll be so hot, that even if you've reached the bottom of the tub of Cool-Whip, where the most frozen parts are, the Cool-Whip will nearly melt upon contact. Nearly. First, there will be a sudden blast of cold, and then, oh yes, then...

This is why you don't thaw it first, see? You want it to be so cold & shocking, to really play with the senses.

Oh yes, then shower together, slowly afterwards... Even if you've each had at least one orgasm and he may not be able to go another round, washing each other is so intimate & fun... You'll return to bed (with clean sheets thrown over the top of the old ones), clean, warm, and relaxed with each other.

Now, go get a tub of frozen Cool-Whip, and have a sticky ol' time.


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