Spit or Swallow?

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I've never understood the woman who spits. If the stuff is too nasty to swallow, why would you want to hold it in your mouth long enough to spit it out? Just swallow it, and it's gone. Then have a tic-tac.

On the rare occasions that I have had inappropriately intimate Truth or Dare type question-answer sessions with men I barely know (okay well it hasnít exactly been ďrareĒ but itís not like I do it every day), the most often-asked question (in addition to ďDo you shave?Ē) is ďDo you spit or swallow?Ē

Iím intrigued by the significance men attach to this, though I think I do understand it. I think it must be much more erotic and fulfilling for a woman to consume the product of a manís orgasm right before his very eyes than to have her jerk her head away in horror or bolt to the bathroom to spit in the toilet, as though the thought of having his essence in her mouth is revolting.

As a woman, I have a similar regard for the way a man reacts to my own intimate body fluids. It turns me off if heís grossed out by it, and I luv it when he gets off on it. The way we react to anotherís body fluids seems to be, possibly, a reflection of our reaction to the person as a whole.

The first time I experienced the gushing warmth of a blowjobís happy ending in my mouth, I thought maybe this fellatio thing is not for me. It wasÖyuck. In volume, consistency, and taste. Indeed, one does not want to be aware of any ďconsistencyĒ in that substance at all. In this case, it was like swallowing a mouthful of curdled milk.

I have since learned that I was unlucky enough to pop my blowjob cherry on an unfortunate representative of the male essence. That man simply tasted bad. Most men (thank you, Goddess) do not.

Youíve probably heard that drinking pineapple juice makes your cum taste good. I donít know if thatís true or not. Iíve never seen any serious research on what, precisely, makes one manís cum taste like honey while anotherís is reminiscent of castor oil. Iíve heard that it depends on a manís diet and/or his general state of physical fitness. Common sense tells me it may have something to do with the frequency in which he evacuates his balls. The ďfresherĒ the wad is, surely, the better it tastes. If a man cycles that shit out once or twice a day, youíll get the fresh stuff, but if he hasnít had a nut in a month, youíre eating something thatís been marinating a bit too long. I guess a manís prostate health would logically have a lot to do with it too.

Guys, you should check your shit and see if itís something youíd be proud to unload in your loving womanís mouth. Come on, you donít have a hair on your ass if youíre not man enough to taste your own cum. You donít have to tell anybody. Besides, if itís too gross for you to eat, why would you expect someone else to?


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Discuss This (26 Comments)

Tess's Room

A lovely tempest, not easily understood, but worth the effort. Sort of like dark bitter chocolate surrounding the sweetest cherry...

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