Gracie Has Difficulty With New Position?

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Once I replied to a a request for a non-paid position. One that was just a bit of fun, to report little tid-bits of info as I found them, on a specific subject. As the topic is something I am into anyway, I thought it would be a fluffy bit of fun, something to do in my spare time. (Yes, I am being intentionally vague!) I answered the questions on the form, and was told all was set. I would be emailed when they were officially due to start.

Or would I...?

In the next email there were some question for us all to respond to regarding our preferences as 'reporters' and how a few things should be set up. I replied, with thoughtful answers.

But, 'beware the outgoing mail's signature!'

Suddenly, I was sent an email asking further questions, as if to deny my status as a non-paid-hobby-grunt, simply because they questioned my website.

Come again?

First of all, as reporters we are to appear as our name or an ID if preferred, and our city &/or state. No links, URLs, emails, or any other information was to be given or listed in a bio or anything.

Not really like 'Gracie from Wisconsin' (where I lived at the time) is going to scream to the world that it is this Gracie, right?

Second of all, on the original application, there was not one question regarding our jobs, education, sex history etc.

Nothing was asked outside the scope of functionality (our online access, means of communication, hours available etc.), interest level & experience (how long have we been interested in the topic, why we want to be involved etc), and some basic id stuff (name, age, gender for matching to specific trends or themes sort of a thing).

Not one question about our education, jobs, salary or even if we are employed. This would indicate to me, that our volunteer helper status thingy is not dependant upon this 'what do you do for a living' criteria.

Not one question on sexual history, STDs, orientation, or if we were virgins. This would indicate to me that this 'opportunity' was not at all related to our past, present or future sexual experiences, right?

So now, suddenly, she reads this email from me, sees a link at the bottom in a sig line, and panics.

She apparently went to the site, but either didn't read anything, or is trying to 'catch me' in some lie, as she even asks 'what is your affiliation with that site?' (Hello, it says 'Gracie' all over it!)

Now, you can say Gracie is just plain cynical, or even judgmental, after all, that is an innocent enough question... But it didn't stop there.

The following is a list of questions she asked. In parenthesis is what I wanted to reply ~ later we will get into my real reply.

I am confused, what is the site about, can you tell me more about it? (Yeah, I could, but I think you should read it, prude-pants.)

I didn't realize this site was so much about sex like this... (Frankly, you didn't know it *existed* before...)

Is this legal? Can you please fill me in on what the story is. (Free-speech, remember? Read the website, learn something.)

What do you do for a living? (Did you ask even one other person this?!)

Are you a stripper? (Again, read the site if you really want to know.)

See? Her interest was not just polite, nor was she trying to figure out if I was the one to talk to about writing there or buying ad space. *giggle*

This is how I replied to her inappropriate line of questioning:

"Yes, my website is on sexuality, primarily women's sexuality. It is quite popular, with over 100,000 visitors per month. However, it is not for everyone, and has a 'disclaimer' at the entry way...

I didn't see any questions on the form asking about employment, writing experience or the like, so I made no mention of it, or my other experience, jobs etc.

I see no reason why it should make you uncomfortable, it is not associated with this project. However, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then I will be Gracie the Gracious & bow out. No hard feelings. It is not like this volunteer project was paying my rent *wink*"

Well, I then heard back, something to the effect that this will be a challenge, to go ahead & send in something, but if it doesn't fit, please understand.

Come again?!

Does this person think that because I write about sexuality that everything I do or say is 'tainted' with sexuality?

Would a shoe salesman write his comments on a meal at a restaurant in terms of feet, corns & polish?

Would a doctor write a travel review in terms of illnesses encountered?

Would a factory worker only view the world in terms of how things are assembled?

Does she think I 'vote' the sexuality party?

Do I wear lingerie to grocery shop & lounge across the freezer section rubbing my erect nipples? (Hmm, well, once, but that was an Unholy gathering...)

Does she actually fear my reports will use words like pussy, cock, and cum?

Come on people, no one is their 'job.'

To assume that those who work in the sex industry, or those who write about sexuality, are one dimensional is just plain dumb.

I bet Ms Prude-Pants might be shocked to discover who she eats lunch with everyday... That person might be a sex worker, that person might tie up their lover & smack 'em with a leather strap every Saturday. Or that person might just stop in at adult websites every now & then.

And that person might just have liked what I had to report on for that site.

At least until they knew I was that Gracie *giggle*


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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