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A true story of girl-on-girl action, with vibrators.

This story is a bit of 'old news' but since it was discussed at the b-day bash, it seems that it is fresh enough in my mind again to re-tell it...

Once upon a time, 3 girls went to the strip club. They were wearing the usual clubbing attire, and as none of them feel their look is complete without the appropriate accessories, each was wearing her own vibrator, remotes in jacket or jean pockets.

Along the way, they picked-up one of their lucky male friends. He was given a remote.

On this particular evening, the club had a featured entertainer, one Ms Brittany Love.

Brittany has many credentials, Miss Nude Galaxy 2002, Miss Nude USA 2001 and much more, but one look at her, and you need not know these things.

She is just beautiful.

Beautiful, head-strong, and wild.

And that is rather all that the 3 women needed to know.

They sat at the rail, intimidating a few men into moving aside, even one fellow gave up his chair.

The one who took the proffered chair said 'thank you' but they all would soon be happy that we were front & center. We always tip our ladies well, and the girl-on-girl is always well received...

Drinking, dancing, chatting with the dancers, the 3 women and their male escort soon became giddy with the club experience, if not the alcohol itself.

Soon, Ms Love began her dance. It was her second set, and so she entered in her champagne glass ~ covered in delicious, wet bubbles.

We admired, we applauded.

More of the regulars danced. Taking up the stage as Ms Love went to sign photos & videos.

Our clubbing activities resumed. Joking, drinking, flirting, dancing...

The dj made an announcement. None of the girls were paying any attention, but the man was.

No one paid much attention as he left, or even to his return. They were occupied, otherwise engaged, or one could say engaging...

Next the club owner stood on the stage, ready to collect fees for a dance with the entertainer. One man was brave enough to go first. No one stood behind him in line, but all the eyes awaited to watch.

Ms Love arrived at the stage, the music came on, and the man stepped onto the stage ~ the man the 3 women were with nudged one of the women, and suggested they watch. His expression was one of amusement, as if there was some inside joke he was privy to.

So they all watched.

(Now, mind you, our club is one with less than the normal strict rules of touching. So we were not completely shocked as the man was told to lay down, on his back for his 'dance.' But, well, keep reading...)

The 'dance' was more like a pantomimed sex act. Not that anyone there minded.

And some more men got up, paid the small fee, to take a turn in line.

This is when the man the 3 ladies were with raised his eyebrows, and gestured towards the bar owner. He was looking at me, motioning for me to step to the front of the line.

Apparently, I had been bought & paid for, yet again, to provide some entertainment.

Now, I had not provided this form of entertainment before. Yet Gracie does not shock easily ~ Neither does she turn away from a dare. And after all, it was a gift, right? *wink*

So laughingly, I went to the edge of the stage, and awaited my turn.

Men were buzzing over the sight of a woman in line for the dance with Ms Love.

It was quickly my turn. I stepped up onto the stage, passing the dazed man who seemed a bit wobbly from drink, his hard cock, tenting his pants, seeming to throw him off balance.

Ms Love smiled at me, beckoned for me to lay on the stage. I complied ~ Who can refuse such a lovely offer?

I slunk to the ground, aware of the eyes upon me, most notably my friends, but also the increase of standing males at the stage edges.

Ms Love said 'a gift, hmm?' with a soft smile. I smiled back, 'Yes, so let's make it memorable, shall we?'

The music began, not that I can recall the song, but as the first few notes hit the air, she crouched over me, and began her 'dance.'

The first exotic step was to climb above me, and violently lifted my blouse up, exposing my bra ~ then my breasts. She commented that she liked my perfume.

She crawled back down, her long dark hair ticking my exposed breasts & tummy. She crouched above me, reached down & placed her hand on my crotch ~ Discovery!

"You know your crotch is vibrating?!" she asked, leaning closer over me, her face light with surprise, delighted surprise.

I smiled broadly "Of course, I know! I am not that drunk!" and briefly explained that we were all wearing them, that our male companion, the one who had paid for this gift of a dance, was holding the remote.

As we spoke, she gently, distractedly, rubbed my vibrating crotch. The crowd couldn't hear all of this conversation, but apparently, the sight of my exposed breasts, her dark hair draped over me while we spoke, her hand fondling me, was enough girl-on-girl to keep them happy.

Perhaps they even imagined some more personal talk...

Ms Love was so excited by this 'first,' the discovery of women wearing such toys in public, at a strip joint, that once she heard who had the remote, she jumped with cat-like grace to the spot where we had all been seated, and while I couldn't see or hear their conversation, it was brief and she returned quickly, smiling.

Her return made the crowd happy.

All eyes were upon us as she again lowered herself, above me. She drew my left leg up, bending it at the knee, and straddled it.

Then, Ms Love began to ride me.

I don't mean 'give the impression of' I mean ride me.

Her normal dance? I don't think so.

Excited by my breasts, which she commented on as lovely, and trying to get the most use of my vibrator on her own body, she rode me hard.

There was little time left. She seemed frantic to make the most of it.

There we were, on the bare dance stage, 2 buxom dark haired women, one laying prone on her back, bare-breasted, arms above her head as the other ground herself on the formers raised left leg...

There was little time left. She seemed frantic to make the most of it. She arched back, her hair flipped away from her face now, and I could see her own breasts bouncing, as mine likely were...

Once the song ended, I became aware again of the audience ~ clapping.

She helped me to my feet, and we both said 'thank you' with soft smiles on our lips.

I walked past a much longer line to return to my seat.

Our male companion was delighted, tears in his eyes from laughing at the pleasure of such a good show ~ and yes, a hard cock as well.

But the night was not over.

I resumed my drinking, my chit-chat, and watched with the others as others in line had their dances. Only a few more were taken, the rest would have to wait for their turn later.

The regular dancers took the stage. The night went on as normal, with perhaps a few more furitive looks in my direction ~ Interested men too intimidated to talk to me? Men just looking at me, remembering the act of before?

Then another announcement from the dj:

"Will the girl with the vibrator in her pants, please raise her hand?"

All 3 of us did so.

It seemed at that moment, the club was silent, then quickly became louder. Our scandalous actions topic of animated conversation, even some pointing.

All 3 women laughed.

A few minutes later, another announcement:

"Will the girl with the vibrator in her pants that *danced* with Brittany, please go see Brittany at her sales table... She has your remote control."

Apparently, during her conversation with our male companion, as I lay exposed on the stage, she had taken the controller.

I turned to our escort, he was so pleased with himself "Best $5 I ever spent" he laughed at me.

I walked to Brittany's table, where she was selling her photos & videos. No longer Ms Love to me, she was Brittany.

We chatted a bit as she took to signing her autograph & of course she signed a photo of herself (given to me by the club owner, as a thank your for putting on such a nice show).

She signed it "You're so sexy! Thanks for the vibe! XOXO Brittany Love"

As I returned to my friends, we shared a small, soft kiss.

To many, the tale ends here, but for full effect, you must note the following:

My pubic bone & left thigh had bruises (yes, actual marks), the small of my back ached for 3 days ~ reminders of the force of her thrusting astride me on a hard wooden dance floor...

Ahh, memories of your first time can be very strong...


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