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Many Americans were thrilled when Bush signed the Adam Walsh Act into Law on July 27th. Who doesn't want to protect children? But what's not generally known by many Americans ~ and is not accepted by a large number who do know, is that this law lumps many entertainment professionals in with sex offenders and pedophiles.

Yes, I'm talking about adult content providers, webmasters, and you.

For along with registration for sex offenders, education grants, 200 new federal prosecutors, and 45 new computer forensic scientists to work on such crimes, this law also includes laws and regulations for 'internet pornographers' known as 2257.

While on the surface of things, 2257 seems to simply be a paper-shuffle of record keeping, what many Americans fail to realize is that these requirements are near impossible. And as such webmasters and others in the business will be subject to federal searches and criminal penalties ~ none of which is child protection, as this act is who-ha'd to be.

Not Only That...

As if this weren't enough, this act also has an amendment to U.S.C. 18 1465 which prohibits the production of "obscenity" as well as the transportation, distribution and sale of "obscenity."

And remember, obscenity is defined as "I know it when I see it." So who will be making that judgment call for you? Just who will see your entertainment and personal behaviors as obscene? How long before your favorite websites, films, physical stores, products, and corporations will be removed not just from physical view, but from existence?

I know many of you stopped reading long ago. You aren't a webmaster; you don't buy porn; so who cares? Why worry about limiting the choices of those who like smut... they're just citizens...

One man's obscenity is another man's favorite magazine ~ he really does read it for the articles. One woman's personal massager is another woman's obscenity. One couple's love making is another's obscenity. Where does it end?

Oh, and please do remember that the same people in power who bring you this law have brushed aside your right to privacy ~ will you be legally held accountable for your tastes and choices?

So before you jump with glee, and applaud the protection of children, you might want to worry about the protection of all citizens. You might want to wonder why 2257 and the amendment to U.S.C. 18 1465 were included in this act ~ and wonder who is using children for immoral purposes. Now there's perversion.

Now that you've joined the number of people who know more about the Adam Walsh Act, are you able to accept it?

For more on this act, read the articles at The Free Speech Coalition and YNOT.


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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