My Preference For Bi Men

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The question was asked of me earlier today, if, because I preferred bisexual men, if that meant I was interested in threesomes with two men as well. It was stated that the only reason that men like bisexual women is because they want to have a threesome, which I will agree is probably true in the vast majority of cases. While I do find sex between two beautiful black men incredibly arousing, it is not the reason I am interested in bisexual men.

Openly bisexual men, or men who have been involved in sexual and intimate relationships with other men, are my preference because I find them to be less patriarchal, less caught up in trite roles that keep me objectified and oppressed, and more able to relate to me as a human being. There is a shift in consciousness that occurs when men can open themselves up to loving and being loved by another man. It's similar to sistas letting go of their slave hair and realizing that they can be beautiful without holding on to beliefs that kept them oppressed for so long.

Openly bisexual men can let go of idiotic notions of manhood and their sexuality becomes less of a focus, it becomes more about relating to their partner. Just as I can identify myself as bisexual but not wish to engage in sex with other women, an openly bisexual man can choose to be monogamous or poly with only members of the same sex. There are certainly more options to our sexuality if he's open to being penetrated because I can strapon on and fulfill that particular desire. While I'm not a man and I can't even pretend to be, I can scratch that itch for penetration so to speak.

I've spoken to far too too many bisexual black women that find the idea of a bisexual black man disgusting. That's insanity. Two people, finding arousal in each other, satisfying their needs, connecting, cannot be okay for one gender and an abomination for another. Just as I can find a certain tenderness and softness with a woman that I can't find with another man, I can not blame my partner for wanting a more primal and feral fuck that he can only get with another man. That's evolved. Saying that you can experience pleasure, without lies, without games, without drama, without societal rules that define manhood as some super macho, emotionless playboy is truly Afrocentric. Its connecting to a human being, regardless of their genitals, and giving freely of yourself and experiencing pleasure. As long as we are caught up in dominion over woman and sex being some sort of tool to express manhood, we will never be free.

Scottie Lowe
Scottie Lowe is the founder, CEO, and the creative driving force behind, THE most unique website dedicated to showing the true beauty of Black sexuality in all its many facets. Look for her highly controversial upcoming book, In Loving Color, to create quite a stir with literary works of art that are dripping with sensuality and explore groundbreaking, socially relevant topics. It will include breathtaking photography that will be sure to arouse and stimulate intense passion and establish In Loving Color as the standard for Black erotica.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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