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In How To Use Erotica I shared some ways in which I have used erotica with others and I asked others to send in their ideas and tips...

I promised the winners prizes, and they've each been contacted to claim them, but now you can read their entries and see what they do for you.

The Grand Prize Winner is Juanita Walton who wrote:

My husband and I each write and share our own "special" stories. We meet for breakfast and choose topics from little folded pieces of paper. We agree to meet again to swap stories two weeks from the date we first chose the topic. Usually on a Sunday morning, we enter our local restaurant for breakfast and dirty stories. There is something extremely exciting about reading a titillating story together in the presence of others who have no clue. When most of the folks are entering for a fine morning meal after a church sermon, we're heading home, hard and moist for a bit of what we like to call "old time" religion. Amen. Amen indeed, Juanita! I selected you as the winner because you combine creativity with intimate public risks ~ how dangerous!

These next two both receive Runner Up status because I was torn between the two. While on the surface both seem to present simple ways to share erotica, I love the idea of how they work on going further each time and use rewards to encourage their lovers.

NS Faulk wrote:

My lucky husband! Not only is he obliged to listen to every draft of each story and poem I write, but he gets his foreplay and coitus interrupted by sudden ideas which "...have to get written down or I'll forget!!" On the 'up' side (pun intended) he does play a major role in contributing to story content; and my writing about our sexual experiences gives him a huge ego boost which, in turn, boosts other (wink wink) parts of his body. Even if the writing isn't up to par, the fact that I've taken the time to immortalize us through the written word has led to some very fun exploits. For stories which I've written in his absence, I'll read a portion and let him guess, or even better create, the ending. This, I feel, not only contributes to my creative juices flowing, but enhances the intimacy between us. I'm still working on him telling me an entire story, but it's cumming!!

Kyra Fox wrote:

Read and Tease...
My partner and I love to read erotica to each other. One game we play is for her to read while I begin a slow and very deliberate focus on getting her to *stop* reading. Of course I know all of her favorite places to be touched and kissed and licked and she finds it very hard to focus as the going gets hotter and hotter. Of course we both win in the end, but often times we play for a prize. Perhaps she gets to be on top, or use a special toy or simply to decide what and how we do something. That is agreed upon before we start.

Many thanks to all who entered!

Do you have a tip to share? Hit that 'Discuss This' link and share!

With much affection,


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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