Body Parts, The Series, Part II

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In which I expound on the female views of male body parts.

Women are not as ‘simply’ attracted to parts as men are. While a man simply sees an ‘ass’ and has a reaction (in fact he usually becomes one in his desire to get one), a woman does not see a part and react with such immediacy. The attraction is not as direct as that.

Remember, women take the ‘long way’ to arousal.

A woman doesn’t seek perfection. While a man seeks The Perfect Heart-Shaped Ass, women do not have such a physical standard. (Yes, yes, Gracie knows a man, an ass man anyway, will respond to virtually any female ass, but there is a ‘holy grail’ of asses he does seek, if only to say he saw it.)

This lack of seeking a ‘perfect’ physical trait is why you will find a woman crushing on the oddest parts of men...

Women who ‘love’ are often adoring some obscure (ok down-right-strange) part of the man. Frankly, it is also a part that might even be considered a ’flaw.’ Yes, even a flaw she may have one time thought of as ’icky.’ One will comment on the knot on the back of her man’s head, the birthmark on his forearm, the way his left pinky finger is twisted... Why? Partly because it is something so ‘him,’ so unmistakably identifying, that this feature is ‘him’ ~ almost in a fetish sense.

A woman is not attracted to the birthmarks, or scars, per se ~ the fetish is not the object, but ultimately the man. It signifies him in a unique manner, and it also means she has complete intimate knowledge of him. Like some secret they share ~ another lover may know but no longer have access...

And it is also connected to other things.

For example, that twisted finger is a result of an attempt by him at age 5 thinking he could fly off the garage roof, the birthmark made him too self-conscious to wear short-sleeve shirts until he was in his 20s, see what is happening here?

Women make little romantic vignettes in their minds. Always. Unless we aren’t. But that is our prerogative.

Unlike men, who are slave to visual impulses creating instant responses, women have the luxury of deciding what is & isn’t appealing ~ and when.

This does not mean women don’t respond to specific body parts. They do. But not just as you might expect.

Women do not see the part as an object of lust & desire (until later as stated above), rather they see parts as examples or symptoms of the type of man he is.

For example, a woman who swoons for big python arms, is not necessarily thinking of his arms. She may be imagining herself being held in those strong arms, yes, but likely it isn’t just for the sex scene.

She is imagining those arms holding her in front of a warm fire on a cold winter night... Better yet, how did you get those arms? Are you a fire fighter? A construction worker? She may be as in lust with your work as your arms themselves. How? Well, there is a reason why fireman & construction calendars sell each & every year.

A great big man, sweaty, with a warm grin, holding a small puppy? *swoon*

It’s not the arms, the chest, or the oil ‘sweat.’ It is the romance of the hero. It is the big strong man with a soft side. It is the thrill of a man so strong, yet so gentle... She imagines that she would be so small, lying in those arms... so safe with a man who could hurt her, yet chooses instead to cherish her...

A woman sees a part, a body part, and makes this complete portrait ~ the part, in her mind, becomes a ‘whole.’

Because of this making of little vignettes, she is less likely to be a ‘ass girl’ to your ‘ass man’ status. She may like a fine ass, but what will really get her going is how you got that ass, what it signifies to her.

Complicated, isn’t it? That’s why vigra for women was deemed a failure. Women are just too darn cerebral for a pill or chemical reaction.

Oh, and Mr Adonis? Usually you are not a turn on to women. Unless the woman herself is a professional body builder, fitness trainer, or some such, your need to be in the gym is seen as competition. And you are, frankly, too often a direct assault on her person ~ no woman wants to be watched eating that cheeseburger & hear (in her ears or her head) that you think she should opt for the non-carb salad instead.

Men, don’t be discouraged! This means you have a much better chance at getting Ms Perfect Heart-Shaped Ass than you thought ~ You need not be a perfect physical specimen yourself.

I have a dear friend who confided in me her love of her mate’s ‘love handles.’ While he worried that his body was not perfect, that that extra whole inch of skin was a ‘flaw,‘ she saw that lack of a 6-pack an indication of his priorities being a match to hers. Rather than being in the gym, or being on some bar league sports team, he was at home reading, creating & spending time with his family. And that’s where she’d rather have him. Well, that, and in their bedroom...

But anyway, to be as fair as I can comparing the apples of men to the tomatoes of women, I will try to compose a list as I did for the men. Remember, like the men’s list, this is a basic type, over which other sexual aspects such as control, roles etc is laid. This is just ‘initial turn on’ by types ~ as much as women do that *wink*

Arms/Chest/Shoulders: As stated above, all keys to the ‘strong man’ and romantic visions of being a kitten in his care. These women are usually true romantics. They have a penchant for romantic novels & movies, even if they don’t admit it. Quite often a ‘closet romantic’ will watch adventure movies, even horror flicks, and other stories with a strong male hero figure. It’s all the same: she wishes for both a rescue and a surrender... A variation of this is the Ass/Thigh/Leg lover. Very similar, as these are signs of strength, they are too similar to make a separate category. The only real difference is just a wee-bit more lust, perhaps a bit more mystery as these lower parts are usually less obvious than the upper torso...

Hands: Not often known by men, hands are a great turn on to women. For we sensory sluts, hands are key. Display of dexterity, for obvious reasons of sexual potential, and sometimes size are for the lusty among us. For me, a great turn on is the texture of his hands... Mechanics, artists, and those not afraid of do-it-yourself projects are likely to have hands that are not perfectly soft. Signs of ’hard work,’ creativity, brains, and to some degree communication & expression are the fantasies here. They may gush about how great it is that he does this & that around the house ~ how clever he is, it saves them money etc. And yes, that is all true, all part of the vignette. But a nice set of man hands, slightly rough, strong & sure, running along your skin.... *sigh* Hand lovers are lusty and require more of a cerebral element than a romantic one like the women above.

Mouths/Chins/Eyes: Yes, a woman may be an eye-lover, where a man cannot. This is because women are seeking the whole package, and men, in general, are much more likely to stop in one spot. Women who adore faces are seeing more than ’handsome’ or ’chiseled.’ They are looking for something very specific. There is some major trigger for them, unique to them usually. Unlike a more universal standard of ’broad shoulders’ or ’strong hands,’ these women are looking for one thing, pass or fail, that a man must pass. Typically these women are those with issues that are significantly rooted deep inside themselves. Be it a past trauma, a high standard for some character attribute, a woman searching faces for the right eyes, chin or mouth has a lofty goal for you to meet. What they are searching for is honesty or some nobility that they both insist upon and rarely find. These women may seem overly shy, ‘picky,’ or even cold with an out-of-your-league attitude. But in reality, she is just not willing to waste her time, or yours, on anything less than what she requires before she gives into her desires. Most women have a touch of this, yes, but for the real connoisseur of ‘faces’ this is a domineering force in selection. If your eye should catch hers, in a good way, be honored. And by all means, live up to it. Or run like hell.


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