The Heart is a Wicked Trickster

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I’m sure you’ve all heard sayings and things about following your heart; follow your heart, let your heart lead the way, listen to your heart… etc, etc. My experience has taught me that following your heart can land you into a lot of trouble.

We all know that the heart is a muscle and piece of our soul that can create and cause great good. The heart is capable of amazing things and enormous amounts of love, but the heart is also capable of playing some wicked tricks on you and leading you into places your mind tells you not to go.

Rational thought does not lead a person into temptation or trouble, it is the passionate heart (sometimes combined with raging hormones) that recklessly throws us into sticky situations. The heart causes us to fall for the bad boys, stay with the abusive boyfriend who is always so apologetic afterwards, get involved with the married guy that swears he’ll leave his wife… It is the heart more than the mind that likes to play tricks on us.

The heart can be wicked and cruel. It can make us love the wrong person, love a person that does not love us back, it can make us hurt the ones we really love or do strange things in the name of love. The heart is foolish, reckless and acts without reason. Common sense and rationally thought are thrown out the window when the heart wants something.

Take a look at these examples of scenarios that the heart has caused: A young, book smart girl falls for an older street smart boy/man (who has no drive, dreams or goals of his own) that decides to get her pregnant on purpose so she won’t leave him and go off to college. (She goes to college anyway and finally leaves him when she wakes up and realizes he’s a no good loser). If not for the heart she would have never gotten involved with a guy that was so wrong for her.

Another young woman stays with an abusive boyfriend who is always so apologetic after he hits her. Each time she thinks it is the last time until finally it is. The problem is the last time is the time he kills her. If not for interference of the heart (and severely low self esteem) she would have left him the first time he laid a hand on her.

A woman is with a guy who decides he wants a baby. He hides her birth control pills and says if she wants to be with him she’ll have his baby. She loves him so much she doesn’t put up much of a fight. Once she’s pregnant he leaves her anyway. Rational thought told her if a guy forces you to get pregnant or gives you an ultimatum like that he’s not worth being with but her heart said “I love him so much I’ll do anything for him.”

Then there’s always the old stand by of the good girl falling for the criminal who then screws her over big time. A woman inherits her grandmother’s house but it needs a lot of work. Her fiancé helps her fix it up a little then says hey we should mortgage the house and fix it all up at once. Because of her credit she can’t get the mortgage by herself. He convinces her to put the house in his name too so he can take out the mortgage. Rational thought and instinct should have warned her that this guy wasn’t to be trusted but she loved him and thought everything was going to be OK. The day the money hit the bank account he was gone with the money. He even wiped out their other bank account too. Later she found out her credit was so bad because he had been getting credit in her name and maxing it out. He even sold her mother’s information to someone who used her identity. That ruined her financially for a long time. Even now, six years later, she still feels the sting of it. Her heart really led her into a bad situation that time.

After getting stung by the trickster heart it is hard to listen when real love finally does come along tapping at your door that has been locked, bolted, and nailed shut. I have learned from personal experience and the things that have happened to those close to me that it is best to listen to your heart with a grain of salt combined with a lot of reason and much rational thought.


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Discuss This (8 Comments)

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