True Trick Tails: Rude, Rude, Rude

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I was asked to meet a professional athelete at a local restaurant. I wasn't going to work that day, in fact, I didn't usually work days, but the service kept calling me...

To shut them up about what a great guy he was, nice body, clean & a very regular customer, I finally agreed.

Now, I rushed to get ready & meet Mr Wonderful at his required time & location.

I arrived on time & waited in the restaurant lounge area, per his request. I waited & waited. No one likes to be kept waiting, especially in a public place... it is humiliating to have strangers look at you like you have been stood-up.

And, in this business, you get nervous that this is either a set up, or that the managment will take way too much notice of you...

Add that to the fact that Mr Important *had* to have this appointment now & I didn't really want to be working now, and well, you get a crabby escort.

I waited over 15 minutes, then go out to my car to make a call.

"Hey, its (Gracie), I have been waiting for over 15 minutes & (insert big-shot's name here) is not here."

"He runs late often" she says.

"Well, I am not one who waits. This is part of his hour" I say.

"No, no! He wants the full hour!" "Well, then he has to pay for this time too... Or I can just leave... I did this as a favor you know."

"Let me call him on his cell & see what is going on. I'll call you back in a few..."

I wait less than 5 minutes & she calls in saying he will be 'here' in just a few more minutes. So I wait in my car, it is near the entrance so I can see his arrival. Another 10 minutes pass...

"Hey, it's me again, Mr Oh-So-Important is not here. I am leaving."

She whines, and pleads, but I am already driving "Hey, I have been waiting a half an hour, and this does not inlcude my dress & drive time."

"Well, don't you want to make some money for your trouble? Just wait a few more minutes" she tries to sell me...

"No. Tell him is lost his chance & don't call me with any other calls until Friday" I say, then hang up.

Now, when Mr. I-Get-Paid-Lots-Of-Money-To-Play-With-A-Ball arrives, he is mad & the service is unhappy with me. But not mad enought to fire my fine ass, as I bring in way too much money. He calls & requests me several times, but I have him put on my 'No List' and never see him.

Many of the girls think I am nuts. They apparently feel honored to have some rich, nice bod, famous guy screw them, but it is not like you are really his girlfriend, and who can you really tell about it anyway? Just some other working girls who have had politicians, actors etc... It is not a big deal to me... this is a business.

He is paying me for my time, and waiting a half an hour plus is half his time. If he would pay for that, fine. But this Mr Impressive feels, like the girls, I should be honred to have him. Hmmpft! Honored to have a rude arrogant jerk?

I wouldn't feel honored if this was a real date.

Afterall, to me, rude is rude. And if I won't take that crap from a lover, why should I accept it from a client?

I mean, I get paid not to laugh, not to be a doormat.


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Discuss This (7 Comments)

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