True Trick Tails: Sex with Sylvester the Cat

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Another story from my pro days.

One Friday evening, the service I started out with gets a panic call from a guy who is all upset that his regular 'large busted companion' is not available. (Remember, this is Friday, a pay day, and many users of professional services do not plan ahead.) Seems his gal is already booked, so he's calling around trying to blow both his wads...

I am given the call, as I am the best one to 'fill his requirements' ~ and I am available.

I am warned ahead of time, that he is a big breast fan, heck make that a big boob freak, but that I ought to arrive discreetly for my own safety. But as he is not a regular user of our services not much else is known.

I arrive at his motel. And this is a true old motel, the kind built long ago, never really kept up, and most truck drivers prefer to park there & sleep in their own rigs rather then enter the small nasty rooms. Glad that I listened to the 'discreet' directions, I arrive in a loose tee & jeans, with my goodie bag over my shoulder.

I nock at the door. A loud voice yells 'yeah' and I state my name 'Marilyn' (I was a platinum blonde then). No other reply is made, but I can hear the television behind the door ~ I try the doorknob & it opens. I enter the room. The only light is from the TV which is displaying some amateur porn as badly lit as the room, and a large man is laying on the bed, his head propped up with pillows. He surveys me.

"Jethus," he says in a voice that sounds exactly like Sylvester the cat, only deeper, "I said I like big bweathsth! This won do!" Without skipping a beat, I head straight for the tiny bathroom, grabbing the bills off the television set as I pass it. After counting the money, I change into my 'costume,' a short, hot pink satin gown with lace cups that almost cover my nipples. I fluff my hair, and leaving my bag behind on the sink, I stand in the doorway.

"Jethus Cwist," he yelps, "thows awr big! Dows awr bigger than Tinaths! Oh my, I'm gonna busth my nuths." (Translation: He approves of my breasts & he is gonna bust a nut!)

I climb onto the bed, as this large man in not showing any indications of movement save for his hands fumbling beneath the covers.

I pull the bedding down, relieved to find he is only wearing a t-shirt (I would have no idea how to remove the clothing from a man this size) and straddle him.

He is clearly not quite ready for entry yet, struggling to maintain a hard on despite his porn & my big "bweathsth", yet his eyes are wide open and his hands are now on my shoulders. I take one of his large 'paws' and place it on my breast & slide my body, slowly, up & down his semi-hard dick.

"Thesus" he pants, his words becoming even harder to understand as his passion increases, "I think yoursth awr bwetter than Tinasth. Do you wanna be my wegular girl? I pay well, I pay well, you can athk Tina!"

Clearly the only way I am gonna get wet from this guy is the spit when he talks...

"Down you mind the movie? Tina maketh me tuwn if off when theth's hew." I tell him I am happy if he is happy. He is happy ~ he soon gets hard enough to get a condom on.

I remain on top, thankful at this point that he requires nothing 'fancy' as his size is a bit scary. I start out rocking slowly, watching his face & feeling his body response, trying to get a read on what will get this guy off. His had is where I put it on my breast, but he is just staring at my chest, apparently mesmerized by the size & that is all that matters. I am beginning to think that maybe a tit-job will move this guy along when he suddenly shouts "Ohh Thesus! Im gonna busth my nuths! Oh Im gonna buth my nuths!"

He repeats the same line, over & over. Over & over.

Then: "Ow Cwisth, I nevew busth my nuths, athk Tina" and he cums.

He lays in the same position with his head propped on pillows, eyes seemingly mesmerized by breasts now hanging completely over the lace cups, as if the cups where really just an underwire. He gently takes his paws and gives my breasts a squeeze. Then he shuts his eyes & sighs.

I climb down & go to the bathroom to redress.

I return to the room. His glossy eyes staring at the bad porn, he barely registers my passing to the door.

I exit, and for all I know, he is still laying there.


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Discuss This (15 Comments)

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