The Name of the Game

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Recently one of the major US television stations did an 'undercover expose' on the world of prostitution, from the pimp's perspective. Here prostitution was called 'the game.'

I personally have not heard of the world's oldest profession called 'the game' before, but then, the name of the profession is usually a controversy...

Many people question the nature of naming the transaction of sex. In as much as the actual sex act is contoversial, the ideas abound on what to call the exchange of sex (services) for cash. Those who think it 'bad' of course prefer deragatory names, and the proponents want positive names.

Most of us who have worked in the field really don't care.

After all, whore, slut, working girl, prostitute, escort, sexual assistant, surrogate, counselor, etc. are all names for the same work. The work may include sex, usually includes sex or eroticism of some sort, but it is not required by the paid professional. (In fact, I have had many a client feel obligated to perform, but really just wanted the company.) The name is up to the buyer, and the service provider really doesn't care.

However, your professional name is of great importance.

Selecting the name you will work by, is a challenging ordeal. In fact, some movie stars sp[end less time selecting how they will be known to the public. Your working name must at once convey what you look like, are willing to do and your price.

Names have certain obligatory statements attached to them. For instance, the name 'Marilyn' conveys a blonde, and if you show up with red hair, you may get complaints. Other names, including the sevice name, may imply the hours available, or the locations worked.

Names in general also depend on the preferences of the women who choose them. But once selected, are not often changed, as in this work, the oral language is most key to success... Many a client will call & ask for the name of a provider, and even if she is long gone from that 'company' she will have a reputation that can be followed. So changing names is only used in the following circumstances:

a) You have changes physical attributes (hair color, bust size etc)

b) You no longer wish to be affiliated with a service "company" or want to change your image. (For instance, you may increase your rates.)

c) Your name has been used by someone with a negative reputation. (A provider who didn't show up on time, didn't 'provide' or who otherwise 'ruined' the name.)

There are names for client types of course... Don't think just because you paid, you are exempt from the provider world talking about you!

The names change with location or groups, but mostly revolve around the same issues:

a) cleanliness

b) your payment (some clients set a date at a price then once you get there, don't have it or whine about it)

c) security issues (many clients are leary of providers having security measures, like others who have contact information or other people present in the building)

d) appointments (some clients book appointments, and either don't keep them, constantly reschedule , or never show)

e) client styles (be it a sexual preference, style, attitude, or those that just want the 'new' providers, your style is known!)

Remember, this is a business, so your reputation can follow you too.

In this 'game' so many folks worry about the naming of the business and forget that to the worker it really doesn't matter -- after all, when you pay me $200+ an hour, you can call me what you'd like ; )

But be aware, we call you what we need to after you have left!


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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