Halloween Surprise

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A piece of Halloween Erotica - this story also appears on our sister site Tit-elation.com.

Alcina and Estra couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It had been so long since they had been together in the flesh. Today was their day, Halloween. Their naked bodies rolled around on the old blanket in the barn as they reveled in the pleasures of the flesh.

Alcina slid her finger deep inside Estra’s wet folds over and over and flicked her tongue against Estra’s rigid clit making her moan in pleasure. Estra grasped her own breasts and tweaked the nipples hard causing a little pain with her pleasure.

“Slide another finger inside me, love,” she said to Alcina, “Oh, that’s it, another, fill me up, ohh, yes, don’t stop with your tongue.” Estra quivered, moaned and came for the twenty first time that day.

Estra pushed Alcina onto her back on the blanket and lay on top of her. Their breasts pressed together and Estra moved her hand between Alcina’s thighs, probing the moist, hot folds of flesh. She thrust two fingers deep inside her wet hole.

“Oh, God, my love! That feels so good. I can’t get enough of you, but have you noticed the light is fading outside?” Alcina said as she panted hungrily wanting more of Estra’s loving administrations.

Estra glanced out the window of the barn and noticed the sun had slipped away and night was coming. They had been making love all day and let the time slip away from them. Estra untangled herself from Alcina’s beautiful body and began to get dressed. Alcina stood up and pulled the hay from her long auburn curls and finger brushed the tangles from her hair. She walked over to Estra and pulled the hay from her long raven hair. Wrapping her arms around her she said, “I’m hungry. I want to eat hot food then I want to find a man for us to share.”

“That sounds heavenly. Food then a big, hard prick to bury in our pussies. It’s been a long time since we shared a man. I want to find a fine specimen. Not just any man will do. We need someone special for tonight,” said Estra.

Alcina and Estra laced up each others bodices and finished getting dressed in their long gowns. They didn’t bother putting any other undergarments on. They wanted to be completely accessible for the evening.

“Where should we look for a man?” asked Alcina.

“Probably at a pub or tavern,” said Estra.

They left the old barn and walked into town. Some of the shops were closed. Others that were still open were passing out candy to the children who were running around dressed in costumes. They came upon a little building that said Bob’s Bar and Grill. “This looks like it might be a pub,” said Alcina. They walked in and all eyes were on them. Everyone saw two beautiful women dressed in medieval dresses, very fine dresses, though they looked a little worn and faded and were a little tattered at the bottoms. Their lace up bodices left their breasts spilling out over the tops of the dresses and the men couldn’t take their eyes off the ample cleavage.

“There are lots of men in here,” Alcina whispered into Estra’s ear. “How do we chose the right one?”

“Let’s get something to eat and try to decide which man we want,” Estra whispered to Alcina.

A tall older man walked up to them, “Nice costumes ladies. The party is in the back room. There is a buffet and plenty to drink. Why don’t you two beautiful women join us for the evening? Follow me.”

They followed the older man to the back room where hard pumping music blared and bodies pressed together on the dance floor. They went over to the buffet table and filled plates full of food. After they found an empty table to sit at, they ate the food and surveyed the room. After a few minutes Alcina’s eyes landed on a gorgeous male specimen. Dark curly hair, softly tanned skin, he was perfect. He wore tight riding style breaches that showed off a very large bulge in the front and long muscular legs. He wore a white peasant style shirt that exposed his dark curly chest hair and bulging muscles. He walked towards Alcina and Estra.

“Hello ladies. My name is Michael. May I buy you drinks? The bar has a special ghoulish brew tonight; would you like to try it?”

“Yes, that would be lovely,” replied Estra as she stared at the godlike man.

As he walked away to get their drinks Alcina and Estra looked at each other and nodded, that was definitely the guy for them. Michael brought the drinks to them and sat down at the table. The women introduced themselves to Michael and soon they were chatting and carrying on like old friends. A waitress kept bringing more ghoulish brew to the table and Estra and Alcina kept drinking it down. After awhile Alcina whispered to Estra, “We have to get him out of here. We don’t have much time left and I want him so bad.” Estra replied, “I know my love, let’s not be shy. We must let him know what we want and have him take us somewhere.”

Michael was sitting next to Alcina who was sitting next to Estra who was across from Michael at the little round table they sat around. Alcina loosened her bodice a little and let her breasts spill from their binding. Estra leaned over and fondled Alcina’s breasts then sucked a hard nipple into her mouth. Michael gasped and grew rigid as he watched. Alcina reached under the table and grabbed Michael’s hard shaft, caressing it through his tight pants. Alcina grabbed Michael’s hand and guided it under her dress. Estra’s hand grabbed Michael’s and guided it into Alcina’s heated folds. Michael plunged a finger inside Alcina’s heat.

“Ladies, my place is right around the corner. Would you like to go there?” asked Michael.

“Lead the way,” they replied.

They left through the back door of the bar as they heard the clock at town hall strike 11 o’clock. The women looked at each other. Halloween was almost over; they didn’t have much time left. Michael led them around a corner and up some stairs then opened a door.

“Here’s my place ladies. Come on in”

They walked through the door and immediately started undressing. Michael stared at the gorgeous women stripping naked in his apartment. Alcina had long auburn curls that cascaded down her back and over her large, round breasts. She was very womanly, all curves and softness. Estra’s long straight raven hair trailed down a long and lean back. Her breasts were full and round but the rest of her was wiry and muscular. They unlaced each other and pulled their dresses off, then turned to Michael.

Michael pulled off his shirt and they reached down to undo his breaches. Estra pulled off his boots and Alcina yanked off his pants exposing his massive erection.

Alcina looked at Estra, “I knew he was a good one.” Then she wrapped her lips around his long shaft and began sucking. Estra watched his rod slip in and out of Alcina’s perfect lips. She lay back on the bed, spread her legs open wide and began fondling herself. Alcina noticed and stopped sucking on Michael. She moved between Estra’s legs and dipped her tongue inside. Michael moved over to Alcina and positioned himself behind her and thrust inside her burning pussy.

“Oh my God,” moaned Alcina. “It’s so large, it’s splitting me wide open, oh but it feels so good. Fuck me harder, harder, don’t stop.”

Michael pummeled her with his cock, plunging and thrusting inside her, harder and harder as she screamed and begged for more. He felt her tighten and squeeze his cock, and then he felt a gush as she exploded in waves of pleasure. She pulled away from him and spread Estra wide open for him to see. He moved forward and buried his hard shaft into Estra’s quivering cunt. Estra lifted her hips and thrust against him, pushing him deeper into her. Then she told him to lie down, she wanted to ride him.

He lie down on the bed and Estra stood over him. She spread her pussy lips and revealed her clit. She squatted over his face and he tasted the sweet nectar flowing from her. She slid down his body until their genitals touched. She mounted him and impaled herself on his stiff pillar of manhood. She grinded her pelvis into him, taking in every inch he had to offer. Up and down she slammed her body against his as Alcina watched; fingers buried inside her own drenched pussy. Alcina decided to mount Michael’s face and he gladly thrust his tongue between her engorged lips.

While Michael’s tongue darted in and out of Alcina’s pussy and his cock thrust inside Estra’s, Alcina reached over and fondled Estra’s bouncing mounds and pinched her nipples. That pushed Estra over the edge as she started trembling and moaning, her pussy quivered and her body rocked through one orgasm after another.

Estra lay back on the bed still quivering and shaking. Alcina quickly lapped at the juices flowing between her legs then claimed Michael’s cock again. As she mounted him, Michael thought she shimmered and almost disappeared. Wow, my mind must be playing tricks on me, he thought to himself, those ghoulish brews are starting to kick in. Alcina felt cold. Her pussy was not as fiery as it had been. She rode him hard, her enormous breasts bouncing and swaying. Michael reached up to grasp them and his hands went right through her. He looked at her and could see his cock plunging inside her shadowy figure.

He freaked out and jumped off the bed tossing Alcina to the floor. Estra still lay on the bed. He could see his comforter right through her. They were dissolving, vanishing into thin air.

“What the hell is going on?” he cried.

“Michael, it’s Okay. It’s almost midnight. We’re turning back into our true form. We’re ghosts. We have no real bodies anymore,” Alcina tried to sooth him.

“We only get the chance to become solid again once very 20 years on Halloween,” explained Estra, “On that day we like to partake in as much of the pleasures of the flesh as possible.”

“Please we only have a few more moments. Enjoy our bodies while we are still warm and solid,” encouraged Estra.

Michael’s cock still stood rigid, so he decided to go ahead and finish. He plunged into Estra then into Alcina, ravaging their bodies as they flickered in and out of the real world. The alternating of cold and warm bodies was driving his cock wild. One minute they were on fire, the next cold as ice. Alcina’s pussy contracted around his rod, sucking and squeezing at it. She milked his cock until he exploded deep inside her once again warm and velvety folds. As he quivered and shook, she disappeared. Estra shimmered then she was gone too. Michael could hear the town clock striking 12.

He felt a ghostly touch graze his cheek; he turned and saw just an ethereal outline of Alcina. Her voice tinkled like wind chimes as she said, “Thank you for a wonderful Halloween, maybe we’ll see you again sometime.” Estra’s voice came out of the darkness, “Goodbye Michael, it was an amazing evening.” The room suddenly became cold and a gust of wind blew through the windows. Then everything was normal and he knew they were gone.

Michael lay down on his bed. He couldn’t believe he had made love to two beautiful ghosts. Was there a better way to spend Halloween?

© Roxanne


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