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Thou shalt not hate other women for rocking it! Thou shalt learn to rock, my friends. Because those ladies and gentlemen who seem to know how to rock it all year know one thing...

Nearly everyone thinks of Halloween as a children's holiday, and indeed, many Halloween activities are geared toward candy and little monsters. For my money, though, you can't beat Halloween as the perfect day (or hallowed eve) for some big-kid fun.

The reason for this is that during the rest of the year, many people who are perhaps less in touch with their kinky sides are encouraged to cast away their aversions and let their hair down. On any other time of the year, your buttoned-down suburban wife might balk at purchasing a riding crop and a spiked collar. This time of the year, it's simply a costume, and all part of the fun. During other times of the year, fetishists mainly keep their sexual proclivities private. MSNBC just did an article on this very thing. On Halloween, however, all bets are off.

Some friends of mine (a couple) last year who ordinarily don't indulge themselves sexually shocked all of us by coming to a Halloween party in full bondage gear. She giggled as she'd shyly spanked him in front of everyone, and we'd laughed at his being led around on a leash all evening. It was a public spectacle made acceptable by the holiday and you know what? I bet they went home and had great sex. Halloween gives us a chance to step out of our little vanilla boxes and if we want to, spank our corset-wearing husbands in front of our friends, even if we know he'll never be caught dead on a leash again. At least, not in front of anyone but her.

They say that clothes make the man, and you know? Clothes make the woman as well. The quickest way to feel sexy for many people is to put on something that makes you feel sexy, even if it's as simple as a little extra makeup. It stands to reason that if you go so far as to put on something elaborate, like a costume, you not only feel a LOT sexier, but a lot different as well. You feel as if you can be someone else for an evening, and you can shed your day-to-day persona for a night and really go wild. I dressed as Jessica Rabbitt one Halloween and felt like the sexiest woman in the room all night long with my hot red dress, long red wig, and elbow-length purple gloves. I moved differently. I spoke differently. My lips pouted just so and my hair swooshed perfectly. For a night, I was HOT. And my boyfriend reaped the benefits when we got home that evening, let me tell you.

Another thing about Halloween that I always hear people discussing is that it's the only holiday of the year where women can 'dress like sluts' and no one says a word about it. Is this what we've been reduced to? Living in fear of dressing like sluts, and then using an innocent holiday as an excuse to do it? For shame! Granted, I'm not going to go to my Monday morning meeting at work dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (although I'd love to), but what's wrong with being sexy all year long? (I'm talking sexy, not slutty. Although I think it's interesting that people go around lamenting not being able to 'dress like sluts' and very few of them actually dress like sluts on Halloween either.) Moreover, what do "sluts" dress like? I move and second that we remove the word "slut" from our vocabularies right now. It seems to me that many of the women that others cattily describe as "sluts" are merely smart, capable, confident women who are in touch with their sexuality and aren't afraid to rock it a little bit. Thou shalt not hate other women for rocking it! Thou shalt learn to rock, my friends. Because those ladies and gentlemen who seem to know how to rock it all year know one thing:

Great sex can be as simple as having a great attitude about it. And, what's the harm in indulging a fantasy for your lover every once in a while? It doesn't have to be just on Halloween. I'm sure that many lovers would enjoy coming home from work to find a Catholic schoolgirl, a lumberjack, or a vampiress in the kitchen preparing dinner every once in a while. Why use a holiday as an excuse? If you FEEL sexier, you ARE sexier. I charge you all (if you don't know) to find out what makes you feel sexy, and do it more than once a year. Raking long fake nails down someone else's back is hot any time of the year.


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