Body Parts, The Series, Part V

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Now we begin to explore the largest sex organ: the brain.

To caress, to tweak, to slap playfully or leave a welt?

As a lover, no longer is the question ‘may I touch?’ but ‘how should I touch?’

When it comes to touching your partner, or partners, the answers lie in the brain.

All nerve endings receive information which is then sent to the brain for interpretation, that much is clear. But the tricky part is how that information is interpreted.

As mentioned last time, the brain is a mass of layers, and as such, the nerve ending impulse messages are sent to the grey matter for further scrutiny. What happens there is still under much study & the concern of scientists, but let Gracie break it down for you as best she can.

Be patient. It’s not easy to explain the hidden mysteries of the brain.

Two things happen simultaneously ~ think of that nerve-ending-input as an email message being delivered to 2 different email inboxes, with completely separate ISPs. One inbox is rather primitive. It merely says ‘yum’ or ‘ouch.’ This primal & simple reply is based upon the individual’s tolerance for pain. The same slap on ass A may be a yawn, while ass B yelps.

And while either response is valid, it isn’t until inbox number two adds its input that the true answer of delight is given. I other words, is the yelp a good thing? (Gracie however questions if a yawn ever is a ‘good thing’ when it comes to sex.)

That’s because inbox number two is decoding the nerve-ending-impulse on a different level ~ a level of experiences, fantasies & other erotic criteria.

It’s not as simple as a slapped ass saying 'Me likey da pain.'

Maybe the particular ass under discussion here dislikes pain but given the sexual setting, perhaps a bit of role play in this situation, the pain is surprising and adds to the element of being blindfolded or invokes feelings of being submissive to one more powerful. Or maybe, this ass just likes the feeling that occurs after the ‘slap’ when any other touch, light as a feather, makes the ass feel more alive. Or maybe this ass loves pain, as it is the only way the whole being feels really alive.

Who can really tell what lurks in those layers of the brain?

The point is that the original message from the nerves in the ass are emailed to both layers (inboxes) at the same time. Which means that a person may say ‘ouch’ and have it be a bad thing, yet find a ‘good thing’ in it anyway. This is where it gets tricky ~ for the ass may say ‘Don’t you dare, ever, do that again to me!’ yet find that it thrills to the power play.

This is one case of BDSM where you’d either have to switch the body part (perhaps the nipples will say ‘yes,’ where the ass said ’no?’), switch tactics (use other elements of power aside from pain, such as bondage or degradation etc), or switch roles (perhaps this is a switchy situation where the power play is cool, as long as that particular ass isn’t made to get hot with pain?)

Not only that. But let’s say the initial reaction is a ‘no way, not ever again!’ yet upon reflection, or perhaps another ‘go’ without the slap is less arousing, and the ass discovers that the slap, however un-seemingly, is much desired?

Confusing crap, isn’t it?

This is where one discovers which layers of their own brain carries more weight: Primitive Pain vs. Primitive Play.

Oh, and don’t think this is only for the issues of BDSM.

Gracie has met quite a few with the same responses & complications to light touches, tickles, and feathers too.

Seems a light caress anywhere on the body can make a person’s Primitive Pain inbox say ‘ick’ yet, because the ‘game’ is all about unfamiliarity of gentle touches, or romantic scenes, that despite the ‘creepy crawly feeling’ of a ‘too light touch’ the Primitive Play inbox says ‘Oh My GAWD’ and a ‘soft fetish’ is over-ridden the ‘common sense’ skin response.

The brain is a complicated place.

I can say that because I have been inside many heads, even as many ‘heads’ have been inside me.

And this is only the beginning of our tour of grey matter.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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