Body Parts, The Series, Part VI

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OK, so we've started to explore the mightiest sex organ and if you were lost before, I must say, it's only going to get worse. That's because we are now stepping further away from the physical things and reaching deeper & deeper into the matter that matters, the brain.

Not being a scientist, I have no nifty charts, diagrams or anything to help illustrate this stuff ~ some guy on the way over did offer me a pointing stick though... which is why I am a tad late :naughty:

My how Gracie can get off track.

As I was saying, I have no scientific proof of this, nor anyway to illustrate any of this in a simple fashion. This is because while scientists have worked to locate our vision centers, the areas that control motor function, and other key areas, they have not done a very good job of locating or mapping the brain’s sexual areas. Add when they have ‘news,’ it tells us diddly squat. This is not Gracie’s fault. Thankfully, her vast experience ought to be worth something, at least the equivalent of some lab tests...

And so the theory I present today is that the brain has ‘centers’ of some sort that do dictate our sexuality. And I don’t refer only to orientation & gender, but to the other ‘chunks’ that tell us to get hard, get wet, or at least prompt us to get there... somehow. Often these impulses are rather specific & intense. Sometimes, they can scare the crap out of ourselves, our partners, and the neighbors.

I like to call these areas or chunks of the brain ‘The Fetish & Fantasy Areas.’

My view of these maps is that they are very much like the previous discussion ~ meaning they are not automatically related or dependant upon one another. The same input may trigger a response in one, both or neither area at the same time.

And yes, these areas work in conjunction with (or against) the other areas previously mentioned in the series.

Which means a typical, visually oriented male will likely get the message to this brain chunk via what he sees, while a typical, vignette inspired woman will likely use the story to get a message to her brain chunks.

Let’s look at fetishes to get an idea of how this works.

Sexual fetishism: when the object of affection is a specific inanimate object or part of a person's body, other than the sexual organs. (Clinically speaking, fetishism is reserved for those who sexual arousal in any other way is impossible. But we aren’t being clinical here, we’re using the term much looser.)

This would mean that generally men’s fetishes are those that can be seen. Sometimes it is the actual part, like legs or feet; other times, it is the accessories, such as stockings or shoes. Men objectify parts, at least more often than women. Seeing the part makes him aroused.

Women, however, are not free of fetishes. Far from it. But, once again, their fetishes are likely to more situational that accessorized. Women will be drawn, oddly, to scenes & vignettes, more than parts. They may have fetishes for stockings & frilly things, but this would be more of the act of dressing or undressing (either themselves of a partner) than it is the entire object. They are parts of the scenery, the set, if you will, for the lusty production. So a love of corsets, stockings & high heels makes her feel transported in back in time... to when ladies wore such garments... and undressing was part of the seduction... nice & slow...

But this is not all. We have to add in the other areas as well.

So let’s say you are a woman who becomes aroused by the thought of peeling off all the delicate under things, of slowly rolling down those stockings. These are soft touches. Are these the sort of touches she wants? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Perhaps once she is completely naked, she’d like to feel the sting of a whip. Or perhaps it isn’t the pain, but the control. Perhaps a lover has dictated those delicates be worn, or the commands her to undress, stating a command for each item one at a time... Or, perhaps her fetish is to see her lover, male or female, in such dress ~ and she delights in controlling her partner? There are many options here.

But then, enter the partner’s reaction. For if one brain is confusing, what about two?

So let’s say you are a visually oriented male, who has a foot fetish. Your partner stands before you in the garter belt, stockings & those strappy high heels. This she likes. You softly stroke the silky stockings on her legs... But she is not moved, not as you’d like her to be. Perhaps she desires, requires some other touch. Or maybe she is fine, wet and ready but you require something more. Or less. Maybe you need to see those feet naked and feel them kicking you?

Ahhh, and we wonder why relationships don’t last...


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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