Back In Black

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I am a firm believer that how you look and what you wear can affect how you feel. I also think this is true more so for women than men.

Black has always been my signature color. Sure there are other colors in my closet: red, burgundy, navy blue, forest green… see a pattern here, all dark colors and a lot of black. Black leather coats, black boots, black shoes, black purses, a couple little black dresses, black tops, black skirts… I have black in everything wearable and every fabric imaginable right down to my satin and lace bras and thongs.

A couple years ago you would have had to hit me over the head and hog tie me to wear something white or light colored (ugh pastels). My husband had been on me for awhile to lighten up. So I did. My Goth days were over (mostly, I relapsed occasionally).Over time though I gradually added white to my wardrobe and even some lighter and brighter colors like sage, celadon and other colors (mainly shades of green), even a few light blues. I still shied away from the Easter eggs colors of spring (like pink and purple). The other day I looked in the mirror and realized I was wearing lavender (the horror). I couldn’t believe it, how did this happen? Who was that Easter egg in the mirror?

It happened during pregnancy I think. I went from being fashionable and sexy to being comfortable. My sexy black lace and satin bras and thongs were even replaced with cotton panties and nursing bras (boring and completely un-sexy). Color no longer mattered as long as it fit. I think that lavender top snuck in somewhere during that time.

I realized I had to find me again. Every now and then you need to reinvent yourself, or like a computer, restore yourself to the last known configuration that worked correctly.

So like any woman wanting a change, I went shopping. I bought several new bras, panties and (my beloved) thongs, all in black. To kick off the New Year I wore them to a New Year’s Eve party under some of my other new clothing. As soon as I slipped them on I felt different, alive. I felt more like me than I had in a long time. I felt sexy and I decided to show off.

Before we left for the party I gave my husband a glimpse of what I was wearing underneath my clothes. He couldn’t keep his hands off me all night. When we got home he couldn’t wait to rip off my clothes to really see me and my sexy new undies.

It is totally amazing that something as simple as buying new underwear can cause such a dramatic change. I went from feeling frumpy and depressed to feeling full of life and desirable. So, good riddance to white cotton panties, I am back in black and feeling good.

© Roxanne


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Discuss This (6 Comments)

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