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As a married mother of three, is there time to have sex or time to even be sexy?

After my first two kids I was still a hot, sexy mom. Now after my third I am having a much harder time returning to being my old self. I’ve been dishing advice on being a sexy mom for years now but for awhile I couldn’t even take my own advice. I’ve been too tired, too worn out and just plain didn’t care cause the last thing I want is to do anything that may result in another pint size psychopath.

I have days where I feel a little sexy, then I have a sleepless night thanks to my tiny teething tyrannosaurus and sexy is gone. I go back to believing only rich celebrities can be sexy moms because they have nannies, personal trainers, chefs and everything else money can afford to make being a mom easier.

For us normal women it’s hard to be a mom and still feel sexy especially when you have little children that take up so much time and energy. It can be done though, yet it does take creative thinking and time crunching. But a mom can do it, we are queens of multi tasking and creative time management. (I wouldn’t suggest multi tasking during sex though, the desired effect would be lost)

Just because you have children doesn’t mean you are no longer a sexual being. After all, sex is what created those little darlings. Even though I am a married woman with three kids, I am still a sexual creature. I acknowledge that fact, however acting on it is another story. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to keep the passion in my marriage alive.

My husband has always loved to brag about me to his friends. He has always loved to talk about his “sex goddess” wife. Now I feel kind of bad because I don’t really feel or act like a sex goddess much anymore. I apologized to him one day. I said “honey, I am sorry I don’t give you anything to brag about anymore.” He said, “Babe, you had a baby, we’re both stressed out and tired and we’re just in a little slump. You’re still my beautiful, sexy woman.” (Gosh, I have a sweet and understanding husband, don’t I?)

Now I am working on taking my own advice and getting back into the game. I have always been interested in sex, now I am reacquainting myself with my knowledge and desire. I am pulling out all my old books and magazines and re-reading them. I’m checking out all my favorite websites. Most importantly I am taking care of myself; eating right, exercising(trying to anyway) and getting as much sleep as I can (which seems to be about 4 hours max). I bought new undies (which you may have read about), I got a hair cut (still need to add new color), and I’m on my way to being a new version of the old me.

I do think it is easier to be a sexy mom than a sexual mom. It can take less time and effort to “be” sexy than to actually “feel” sexy and put those sexy vibes into good use in the bedroom. A mom has the ultimate challenge of finding the time and energy to even think about sex in between everything else she has to do. I know, with three kids, my list of things to do is never-ending. I guess I just need to put my husband on my to-do list.


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Discuss This (1 Comment)

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