Lingerie; for Women; Men or Both?

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Dr. Paul writes in with his story...

Dear Gracie,

I have been reading your site discussions with much interest on all of the different points of view. I would like to voice my position on not necessarily cross dressers; but also "sissies"; women in men's clothes; men who like real lingerie, i.e. nylon, silk slips, panties, nightgowns, babydolls and stockings.

The womens lib movement destroyed the femininity of women. First Billie Jean King, the dyke out of the closet, which allowed and society approved of the male role dyke to wear men's clothes. From there on out it was a jackhammer; chipping away a little at a time of the "feminine woman"! Before you know it, pantyhose are a household name and a norm for women. Ever tried to have penetration through pantyhose? Don't work!

Stockinged legs still looked good but knowing there was not a garter belt and stocking tops under that skirt or dress really injured the imagination, the desire and the sexiness!

Then came casual Friday. Women came to work in slacks and before you know it they wear slacks all of the time. The female gender now wears men's boxers, men's tank tops, men's flannel pajama bottoms (real birth control), men's sweat suits, men's trousers, men's suits and ties. The troubling part is this is all acceptable, accepted and/or forced by society.

Now take a male who loves to see and appreciates a woman in a dress, real stockings, a slip and full cut panties; a real feminine woman! He is a chauvinist pig! Then take the male who loves the feeling of real lingerie, that hardly any women wear now and he's considered weird. Now a male who has some real lingerie and has private times to hold, wear and fantasize with it is considered a "pervert"! What gives? Males are making up for sexually satisfying part of a man and woman union that does not exist.

I remember when my Mother took away my blanket, which was edged with silk I used to rub and suck my thumb. Then I would go to my mother or any woman and grab hold of her slip, rub it and suck my thumb. Of course, when I was a little older, I was not allowed. I took a pair of nylon panties and that was my security at night. I was allowed this, as this was my security and was never questioned, although I had two brothers and sisters.

There came a night while holding my panties that I felt a sensation so wonderful and the warm sticky goo that came from my penis. I didn't know what it was but I did it again. Several times a night was a routine. I did this until I was drafted in to the Marines, married and sent to Vietnam. My wife gave me a pair of panties/slip combination to take with me. I had to be very discrete, but never was caught. I was wounded and after a total breakdown after 911, I am now 100% disabled with PTSD, OCD, Bi-Polar and Severe depression.

Since my breakdown my wife started to despise me because she lost all of her material items, status in the community. She got tired of caring for me! Suddenly my relationship with lingerie which she participated in for 37 years, was perverted. Her and two of my children had me locked up for this, but I was out within four hours and back under the care of the VA.

She divorced me and is living with my daughter (youngest child). So my daughter and oldest son despise me, hate me and I am forbade to see their children (my six grandchildren). My youngest son is a nomad and I hear from him a couple times a year; we still communicate.

I can't begin to relate to you the damage, the hurt, and the stigma of being branded a pervert has brought on. The discrimination, the social non-acceptance and the profiling of men with lingerie and the stigma of being labeled a pervert is socially unacceptable. I feel that it is not right nor Christian for women to do any thing with men's fashions and be socially acceptable!


You can find out more about Dr. Paul at his blog.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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