A Little Late To Be On The Rag

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Gracie's monthly rant ~ a wee bit late ~ gets to the root of most matters.

If there's one thing I hate, it's apathy. I hate it so much, that if a person cares and has the passion to do something about the matter, I can forgive many other sins.

For example, I am decidedly pro-choice but I can respect the ignorant who know no better and the indoctrinated who can think no better, those who are anti-choice, if only for the passion and action behind their ill-conceived notions. I can't respect those who harm others, who physically and emotionally harm those seeking abortions ~ that's just crazy & wrong ~ but those who vote, write, and yes, even demonstrate peacefully have my respect. Why? Because they care enough to do something about what they feel matters.

While I may be annoyed by the mass of folks who show up to impede women in pursuit of their rights, I am more annoyed by those who sit at home, sighing and rolling their eyes at news reports, but never take the time to do a damn thing to support their cause (let alone the individual women they profess to care for).

Don't tell me you care. When your enthusiasm isn't enough to execute ideals, when your complacency has anesthetized any action, you are one indifferent mother-fucker.

Don't tell me you are too poor to do anything ~ a letter costs your time and a stamp, an email or blog entry even less. Don't tell me you are too busy ~ writing a check takes seconds (donating on line about the same), and pays for the expenses and expertise that your cause needs. Don't tell me you've done all you can ~ if it's still up for debate, your cause needs you. Even secured rights need to be fought for ~ nothing is secure enough to never need defending.

Don't kid yourself into thinking you and yours are alright, so let the others worry about themselves. Whatever you feel protects or secures your rights ~ your wealth, power, postion ~ these things come with responsibility. The responsibility to assist others. Someone is not alright and it's up to you to help. Do it because you're caring and responsible; it's the right thing to do. Do it because you want to be rewarded; get into heaven or whatever you believe your reward is. Do it out of fear; because those things you think protect you are but temporary things. Do it out of shame; because someone somewhere knows you have been indifferent to others. (It might be God, or it might be Gracie ~ let whatever Big 'G' it is shame you into being a better human being.)

Stop your whining, your excuse making to others. Stop your rationalizations to yourself. Take that energy and get off your ass. And when you've got up off your ass, get another up off theirs. Kill apathy. It won't care, but others will.

Decide what you stand for and what you're going to do about it.

If you don't, don't ask why I don't respect you. You've got your answer right here.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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