My Mother The Subtle Sex Goddess

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My mother was a subtle sexual goddess. She was (is still) a lady, a little quirky and eccentric, but every bit a lady, yet her powers of seduction entranced many men after my father passed away. I learned by watching her wield her magic on men who were quite willing to be entranced. I wanted to grow up and have that kind of power.

Mom was born in the 1930ís and was a teenager in the 50ís raised in Michigan by a Southern Belle (grandma). The slight southern accent you can still hear today when she speaks has always added to her uniqueness (being a Michigander born and bred).

She grew up admiring the pin up girls she saw on calendars and the beauties she watched on the movie screen. Her role models were the classic beauties and the smoldering sex kittens that appeared in magazines and on the big screen. These were the women that influenced her. She loved to draw the images of those beautiful women and she shared that with me. I remember looking at all her drawings wishing I could draw like that, hell wishing I looked like the women in the drawings.

My mother was beautiful, small and delicate, a natural beauty. Her dark hair, exotic grey eyes, and cute little freckles on top of a petite curvy body were an intoxicating mix of childlike innocence and smoldering sexuality that drove men wild. She almost always wore skirts or dresses and never left the house without looking her best. She was always very feminine and a little quirky. She wore flowers and a butterfly (long before butterflies were cool) in her hair. I think that just added to her charm and set her apart from the rest.

I loved to watch her get ready to go out dancing. She would carefully use her magic potions (cosmetics and lotions), apply her make up, do her hair, and dress her best. It was like a ritual and I loved it. As a child it captivated me. I looked forward to growing up and performing my own rituals as I anxiously anticipated a night on the town.

Not only was my mother beautiful but she was smart and independent. That woman can still use power tools and build a cabinet or whatever else you need (thatís one thing I didnít inherit from her- the noise of power tools sends me running). If my husband isnít home and something breaks I call my mom. That is just another part of the amazing puzzle that is my mother.

She influenced me so much, she taught me how to be a lady, how to be a woman, how to be a sexual creature and not be ashamed of it. My household was a feminine one. My father passed away when I was 4 and after that it was mainly my mother, grandmother and I. I missed having a dad but Iím thankful that I had a strong feminine presence in my life that kept me grounded and steady and not afraid to be a girl, a woman - anything that I wanted to be.

Today at almost 70 years old (she doesnít look it at all); mom still exudes the grace and beauty of an era long gone. You can tell she doesnít quite fit into this millennium but that is part of her charm, being able to stand out from all the others.

Thankfully I inherited some of her beauty, a lot of her sexuality and a bit of her quirkiness. I wonder if she knows how much I learned from her, how much I owe her for being the woman I am today. By observing her, I learned how to use my own feminine power.


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