Bush, Maher, & General McPeak

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No, this isn't a joke about the three of them walking into a bar...

Or is it?

I watched Bill Maher on Larry King Monday night. I'm a huge fan of Maher. He's funny & smart, which is intoxicating enough, but he's also got that special something... What would you call it...? Oh yes, balls. Maher's got the balls to speak up and be heard.

In a world with so many damn sheep, apathetic sheep, pathetic sheep, here comes Bill. He doesn't care if he's liked for his passion, his politics or his balls; he's got something to say, damnit. I may not always agree with what Bill says, but I sure am glad he speaks up. You know how much Gracie hates apathy ~ Bill's not an apathetic man.

So, now you know why I was glued to the TV set. Onto my point.

Maher's not only got the integrity to exercise his right to free speech but he advocates it for all. When discussing the whole matter of what he said ~ or rather what he didn't say ~ regarding Cheney, Maher said this on Larry King's show:

[Posters at Huffington] said, you know, gosh, darned that the assassination attempt didn't work. And [Arianna] took it off right away. And I was just saying this isn't China. You don't have to scrub the wall when someone says that. Yes, it's against the law to say we're having a plot to kill somebody in high office. That is -- you know, I agree. We shouldn't be able to do that.

But this is just lamenting something that didn't happen. You should be able to say that in a free society.

And then it got around to, you know, I don't know, a discussion of more of the particulars of that. And I did say that I had no doubt that if Bush and Cheney were out of office, by whatever means, more people would live. And I stand by that.

Later, he continued with this: "When you put political hacks in important jobs, people die. I know people got mad at me about what I said about Cheney. The truth is bad regimes just get people killed. That's fact."

This is not only a position I hold, but I love how he cuts through to the issue; it's not about Cheney or Bush or "Republicans," it's about bad regimes. It's about stupidity.

As Maher said on Leno:

"The people who were defending [Bush] were saying, 'Well, he's just inarticulate.' But inarticulate doesn't explain foreign policy. I mean it's not that complicated. The man is a rube. He is a dolt. He is a yokel on the world stage. He is a Gilligan who cannot find his ass for two hands. He is a vain half-wit who interrupts one incoherent sentence with another incoherent sentence [audience cheers and applause]"

He continued to say, "The alternative actually would have been a better president both times," Maher said. "Al Gore would have been a better president. John Kerry would have been not because they're Democrats, [but] because they read! They're readers. Ooh, what a concept."

This is the problem with this regime, their complete stupidity. It's not that Bush is ignorant ~ he was given (and wasted) an education that many in this country can't even afford to dream about. He's had opportunity, he's had chances; he's had teachers and he has the power to surround himself with intelligent people to support and direct him. Instead he picks friends & flunkies who have the same attributes: stupidity and an unwillingness to admit when they are in over their heads (until it's too late).

Maher also mentioned something he'd read in Rolling Stone, so I looked it up. In the article, Leaving Iraq: The Grim Truth, General McPeak, member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War, said:

"America has been conducting an experiment for the past six years, trying to validate the proposition that it really doesn't make any difference who you elect president. Now we know the result of that experiment [laughs]. If a guy is stupid, it makes a big difference."

Again, I'll quote Maher: "Because he should have been the bartender at a 19th hole at a golf club. That was his calling in life. If his name had been George Bushler, that would be what he was doing. That's what he's capable of. It's just because he was the son of a president is why he was able to rise to the heights he was able to rise to."

This is what power allows in this country. Well, in this case, power and fear; for fear was a huge part of both election processes ~ and some cheating. But the powerful do not need to worry if they are smart; they will remain 'the haves' even if stupid. If stupid, powerful and ambitious, they'll also work to keep 'the have-nots' down (and why not make some more, while they're at it?). This assures their power. (This is why people like Bush & Cheney don't worry about women's right to health care and the right to control their own bodies ~ they'll always be able to afford whatever care they need, be able to afford their own unique rights here or in another country.) No matter how stupid they are, power will protect them.

Unless smarter folks stop sitting on their apathetic asses and do something.

I know it's early in 2007, and that 2008 may seem a long way away, but I have a request regarding elections. Please, do yourself ~ do all of us ~ a favor. Be a reader. Be informed enough to vote, pick an intelligent candidate who will not head a bad regime. And vote for him or her.

Because the way things should be is that if McPeak and Maher walked into a bar, Bush should have been the one serving them their drinks. And that's no joke.


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