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With humor we've sexualized women to the point of denigration; next came our daughters. Now we're after our sons.

Saying "Mother Fucker" is an insult, but completely do-able and even acceptable if she wants no part of it. But say "Father Fucker" and you'll only get a laugh. Why? Because taking dad against his will is so incomprehensible that it can only get a chuckle.

In comedy, you can 'pants' a man or have him moon and it's knee-slappin' time. You can't do it to a woman without eliciting a different, sexual, response. It's not just that our genitals are 'there,' exposed -- men's are too -- it's that everyone knows you can take a woman but you can't take a man.

But we have lots of ways to make women sex objects via humor. I won't go into them all here -- or else we'd never get to the even sicker things...

Padded Bras For 6 Year Olds

To continue our devaluation of women we began sexualizing them young. Our girls, our daughters, are now as sexually available for jokes and fashions of suggestion as adult women. Trashy dolls like Bratz with bottles chained to their legs wearing lingerie that's certainly not little girls' underwear -- or is it? Look at the padded bikini bras for six year olds! Tee-shirts with "Babe" and "Slut." High heeled boots to wear with short skirts... The list goes on and on and on.

As a parent I find all of this disgusting. In an age where everybody is up in arms about the dangers of the Internet, how it will harm and pervert our children and lead pedophiles right to them, why-o-why are people dressing their children as sexual objects?

Children are not miniature adults and should not be dressed like them. Dressing your child like a little "sexually free third wave feminist" does not make her mature enough to be one, but it will make others think of her that way. When you send little Susie out the door dressed in hooker boots, mini-skirt and a midriff-baring tee with "Up To No Good" on the front, what do you think people see?

Little Girls Dressed Like Hookers

This is not about fashion, it's about permissiveness. As a little girl I didn't get to wear what momma wore -- no matter how much I may have wanted to. There were rules for what was appropriate for mom, an adult; and another set of rules for what was appropriate for me, a child. Now it seems (for that's the excuse) whatever little Lola wants, she gets. Even if it makes her out to be a Lolita before she's even old enough to understand what she's asking for. And don't think courts today are going to take her victimization as that -- she'll be blamed for whatever befalls her. I'm not saying that sending your daughter off to school looking like a pint-sized hooker means she deserves it; I'm saying knowing what happens in this world, why risk it at all?

Value her as a person, a child, and stop dressing her like she's old enough to comprehend what others will think let alone be prepared for what another might do.

Next came the "grrl power" stuff at the expense of our boys. "Boys tell lies, poke them in the eyes" tee-shirts and "Throw Rocks at Boys" games.

The way 'up' is not by pulling others down. Didn't high school teach you people anything? :Sigh:

Hung Like A Five Year Old

Now, the latest in our offensive sexualizing is boys. Onesies for babies which read "Hung like a 5 year old." I spotted this in Spencer's (sorry, the pic is blurry but you can see them here and here.) Yes, it's for infants and it's sexual. "Get me a bottle, bitch," may have it's humor value, but to make your child wear a walking invitation for sexual thought, where is the humor in that?

The people who make this should be ashamed of themselves -- but the people who put it on their kids should be examined by professionals as to their ability to parent. Funny? Maybe. But the thought of anyone looking at my son as a sexual being or object is repulsive. It's a saying far better suited to give an adult male (who is not visible to children who can read or in fact around any child that will hear adult talk about it) than to put on a child.

Again, I don't think the solution to the devaluation of women and girls as mere sex object is to now also denigrate our boys. This is a step backwards.

This does nothing but make us all prey, the butt of inappropriate jokes, and victims. What we should be doing is working to treat women and girls better, not boys worse. And dressing our children in children's clothing is the bare minimum.

Stop peddling your sex litterally on the backs of your children.

Let your children have the freedom to run and play -- and at the same time be free from lusty thoughts.

Don't kid yourselves, calling your daughter a 'babe' or calling your infant son well-hung is you perverting perceptions and their world. It's anything but funny.

Other credits: Gross Kids Shirts via T-Shirt Hell.


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Discuss This (12 Comments)

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