The Ultimate Guide To Glamour Girl Tips

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Classic Bombshell Makeup Tips

Greta Garbo This classic Bombshell look, worn by many a Bombshell consists of a "neutral" eye and red-hot lips. First, the eyes...

Marilyn called this her "Garbo eye", giving a nod to the beautiful, mysterious Greta Garbo. In the photo you can see why!

Looking at the photo, you can see not just how beautiful this look is, but also how it was done. A white (or very light) shadow is swept under the brow, and a darker shade, usually with a grey or blue tone is used to shape the lid. This is done by following along the crease, getting a bit wider with the color application as you near the outer edge. A similar, or deeper color is used to line the eyes. Black mascara is then generously applied.

Now for the lips...

Most often red, or another vibrant shade, is used to really make the most of those lips! Tips for these lips:

* Moisturize lips for even color
* Use a matching lip liner over entire lip
* Apply lipstick
* Blot gently

Notice how neutral this look really is -- You can wear it with virtually any color, as long as the lipstick & you clothing are in the same family.

Marilyn Monroe

For an evening look, bombshells often use the same application, but select a more shimmering eye shadow to define the lid, as in the photo of Marilyn.

Variation: Drama!

Eartha Kitt

This look can easily be adapted for a more dramatic look.

As in the photo of Ms. Kitt (the ultimate Catwoman!) you can make this look even more dramatic by simply creating a more "smudged" look around the eyes. Dare To Bare Variation

Yet another variation gives a more natural, sculpted eye look.

Jayne Mansfield

Shown here is Jayne Mansfield with the more natural, "bare" approach...

Using two shades of browns, usually more of a velvet or matte finish, the same "Garbo" technique is used, with the lighter under the brow & the deeper used to shape the lid.

The lipstick changes to a "nude" or pink color, with lots of gloss over the top.

Fast Daily Look Variation

Many modern day Bombshells use this variation, which is perfect for those with limited time frames. It is the same classic look without as many steps & is so simple we bet it becomes your daily look!

Halle Berry

Here is Halle Berry in this fast & simple version of the classic.

No eye shadow is used, just liner on the upper lid, along the lashes & drawn out to a point. Apply mascara & those are your gorgeous eyes! For daytime, this is best used with the pink or nude lipsticks, or gloss.



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