The Size Of It, Mashed Potatoes & Other Sex Factoids

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I'm often asked, "Gracie, does size really matter?" to which I always reply, "Yes ~ but not the way you might think it does."

Size, of the penis, matters to a partner; it's an immutable fact. But often folks believe the implication of the "yes" answer is that bigger is better, but that's not the case. At least not for every case.

While variations in length and width of the penis are rather diminutive (I know men are cringing everywhere at 'penis' and 'diminutive' being in the same sentence) these few scant centimeters are talked about as if it were miles. And while the collective 'everyone' obsesses on the variations in size of the male genitals, no one much talks about the the female variations.

I'm not talking about labia (and do not get me started on cosmetic surgery), but the vagina, the hole, the cunt. If no two cocks are the same, why on earth don't 'we' all get the fact that no two cunts are. (That's not a punctuation error ~ I do not pose that as a question because I know why we don't ~ we don't dare talk cunt size because it's internal not external, invisible rather than visible; and while tighter is a rule, it's not a measurement. More on that later.)

The facts are that no two cunts are identical ~ not in color, not in sensation, nor in size. My vagina is not the same as Kat's vagina, nor Jewel's, nor Angela's, and on and on and on. We don't all like the same things, look the same way, nor do we have the same measurements. Thus we women are not one-size-fits all. Each individual vagina has different preferences regarding size.

Jokes about "she'll stretch a mile before she tears an inch" aside, yes, we can accommodate; but we do fit some better than others. Some may enjoy thick, others are more comfortable with thinner. Our famous G-spots are not all located in the exact same place either, so 'reach' ~ as in length ~ is also of varying importance. This is why your boast of 10 inches may not produce the results you desire ~ neither in appeal nor in hitting the right spot.

So does size matter? Sure. But not necessarily in the way you think it does. It's about fit. The good news is that most of these issues can be addressed by positions, so a long schlong or slender scepter need not be a huge problem.

And here I must say to men who are in fact well-endowed, "Stop considering 'large' to be such a gift that you think all you need to bring to the party is your penis."

If I had a dollar for every large dick encounter that didn't make me hollar I'd be a very wealthy woman. And the sad truth of those encounters were that the men figured they brought the package, I should open it and put it to use while they laid there. Ugh. There's so much more to sex than thrusting one's self on a blunt object. There are lips, hands, tongues and yes, you are required to use them all. Do something! Participate for god's sake! Otherwise, if we must do all the work we'll stay with our dildos and vibes while we search for a partner who will do something. (I did ~ and now mine is not only large but arrogant as well. So there ~ Phhfft!)

While I'm on the subject of fit and size, I must say that even when cunt finds the perfect fitting cock there are still changes. Arousal is a based on blood flow and this may change how swell things are from time to time. Any combination of subtle differences can impact positions and pleasure in big ways.

Your standard 8 inch penis with its slight tilt to the left is not always an exact 8 inches nor always tilted to the left. That means you may not hit the sweet spot as you did before in that same position.

Cunts also change shape and texture. CR/LF once described my vagina as having the feel of mashed potatoes. (Not the most romantic words ever expressed in pillow talk ~ but hey, I asked.) It doesn't all the time, but sometimes does. Just as sometimes it feels tighter, or drier, or shallower, or whatever.

Combine the change in penis tilt with a change in cunt shape and you may very well have your favorite position be unbearable. For example, sometimes in doggy hitting my cervix is actuallly painful for him ~ other times it's painful for me ~ and not in that oooh-it-hurts-so-good way it usually is either.

And maybe that's the Divine Plan. For while we all know that the rubbing & friction of thrusting is fun, repeatedly done the same way it can rub you both the wrong way. Slight variations in swelling can alleviate this problem by not hitting the same places over and over again. It requires sex to change and that not only spares parts but prevents boredom.

Size, shape and wetness all change, at least a bit. It's just the way it is.

So stop worrying about how big, small, or mashed potato-y it is; just get over all that. Just get to It.


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Discuss This (12 Comments)

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