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No more condoms, no more pills, no more sticky gooey gelsÖ

Well, almost. 12 ejaculations and 2 negative sperm count tests later and there will no longer be a need for birth control.

Itís been a couple weeks since my husbandís vasectomy and I think weíre ready for sex now that the pain is gone and the whining and whimpering is over. I canít fathom what itís like to walk around with testicles or to know what it feels like to have them cut open and stitched shut, but I have had stitches in my private parts (3 kids = 3 sets of stitches) and as uncomfortable as it was I donít remember whining and moaning and groaning like him. WaitÖ I didnít have the luxury because there was always a crying baby involvedÖ and thatís why he had this surgery. Heís cried less than another baby would have. Still heís done an awful lot of whimpering.

I think women are wired to tolerate pain more than men. We were designed to give birth long before Demerol and epidurals existed. Plus we were designed to have to deal with men. Entirely different kind of pain, but pain none the less.

I do appreciate him having this procedure done. My friendís husband would never have it done. Heís way too ďmanlyĒ for that, yet he doesnít want anymore kids, wonít wear a condom and gets pissed at her if they have a pregnancy scare. Someone should tell him itís 2007! I considered having my tubes tied but thatís major surgery. Iíve had enough things done to my womanly parts over the years and right now I donít want any more strangers in white coats, scrubs or gloves poking at me. He was nice enough to not want me to go through any more pain and said it would be easier for him to get a vasectomy. Yeah, I have a sweetheart for a husband.

So now we are on our way to sexual freedom. We just have to clear the pipes and get rid of all the little spermies that are hiding out. During this cleaning spree we will be doubling up on birth control since we are without a shadow of a doubt done with pregnancy and infants. I am so looking forward to having a sex life againÖ an enjoyable sex life free of latex and worries. Itíll be nice to rediscover what his penis feels like without a latex sleeve.


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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