Show & Tell Adult Meme: Q & A For One Edition

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It's about you; it's about me. Curious? Heh heh heh

Via my Marketing Whore blog: What's one question you've been expecting to be asked at your blog which has never been asked?

"Gracie, why'd you stop escorting?"


Because people are so fascinated with it, and because I'm certainly pro sex work.

Answer it.

Short answer: Because I just moved on.

Longish answer: I's always found it more difficult to work when in a committed relationship, and when I met my soul mate, it just felt wrong to me. He was fine with it, and when times get hard, we talk about it again... But it's not an easy head-space (for me) to be in when being so open. And with him, I am more open than I've ever been before; why risk it?

What's one question you've wanted to ask your readers, but never have?

How many of you have seriously considered being an escort?

Why not?

I had to think hard to think of something to ask ~ Gracie is not a shy person. But after the above, this seemed like a natural follow-up. *wink*

Ask it.

Just did ~ now, let's hear the responses!


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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