Cum On, Get Happy

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Gracie has always found that the more sex she has, the more she wants it. And she's not prone to bouts of depression either.

Apparently, Gracie is not alone.

A study conducted by Gordon Gallup PhD., a psychologist at the State University of NY, discovered that having sexual intercourse without a condom may actually elevate women's moods.

Within his findings, women who had sex without a condom, became increasingly depressed when there was a longer time elapse between their last sexual intercourse. He also noted that college women who do not use a condom, are more prone to finding a new partner as soon as their previous relationship ended.

He concluded that "semen contains hormones including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and prostaglandins, and some of these are absorbed through the vaginal walls and are known to elevate mood."

Does this mean you should 'Cum on, get happy?'

Well, even if you are in a situation where safe sex is not an issue (and trust me kiddos, sex that results in an STD, no matter how wonderful at the time or during afterglow, is a major bummer!), it seems that Professor Gallup's study has it's detractors.

So even if Gracie & the 293 other women might not be the empirical evidence one should count on, there might be something to this.

In truth, Gracie finds that the more sex she has, the more she wants it, even if there has been a condom.

If the answer doesn't lie in magical semen, the frequency might be a valid issue.

If we view the female biological programming accounts as 'real,' then women are looking for a stable, monogamous realtionship in order to ensure the best welfare for their offspring. Certainly our ability to desire a man, the same man, would help 'keep him' in a sense. And it would also ensure our ability to quickly 'move onto the next' should he be a heel, making sure her children are cared for & protected.

If you hate the possibility of such a biological foundation for women, then perhaps this version will work better for you...

Also, genetically speaking, if a woman is deemed 'desirable' the more ready she is to take on sexual partners, the easier it will be for those desirable genes to be preserved with more offspring.

Given that men & women have plenty of issues between them that seem to put them at odds very often, wouldn't it make sense that science, God, or whatever, would make it easier on us both, for survival of the species, that once a woman got some, she'd want more?

Even if it was so-so sex, we'd be more willing to try again... As long as we got it regularly.

Kind of like a bran muffin.

Here's hoping you can stay regular! *wink*


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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