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Hold on girls, here's a site guaranteed to have you squealing like the sex kittens you are!

Slip of a Girl, DeeDee, and Silent Porn Star each sent me to Fabulon. Slip pointed her well-manicured hand with the first emailed link, shortly followed by DeeDee sending me a link to her post; but being 'busy,' I put them both off. So a few days later, when Ms Star sent her link, I got up off my bon-bon eating ass to go check it out.

What awaits in the land of Fabulon? Well, girls, it's retro sex kittens, fashion, style, glamour, pop culture icons, and a host of catty comments. Like this one:

"The headdress is fantastic, but we don't care for the sweater."

What's not to love?

In short, Thom is the gayest friend I've ever had since the 80's when I was doing the gay club scene ~ but that was the 80's, we were all in our 20's (yeah, I'm that old), and friendships at clubs were about as lasting as my occasional hook-ups. Though I do remember the gay guys much more fondly...

Anyway, since then all my gay buddies are regular guys who just happen to like equally regular guys. (Guys, you know I love you, but you're so damn regular!) This has left me longing for the catty moments, the shared squeals, becoming giddy with gossip, and the companionship of flamboyant boys. You too? Then get thee to Fabulon.

I know this is a short & quick post, but really, why keep you here reading about Fabulon when you could be at Fabulon?

So scamper, dear sex kittens, and become Fabulon!



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Discuss This (6 Comments)

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