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They always want to know. *wink*

Vintage Photo ~ Nude Woman Seated At Bar 1. What is the worst/corniest pick up line someone has used on you and/or you used?

Men have a problem making eye contact with me ~ or, perhaps it is more accurate to say they have difficulty breaking eye to nipple contact.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

I lift their little chins and say, "They can't talk and they can't drink."

"What? I'm looking at you're... umm-"

"Do yourself a favor ~ don't say 'eyes' or I'll slap your face for lyin'"

"No, I was looking at your shoes."

I cover their eyes and demand, "Describe my shoes ~ give me at least the color ~ right now."

They never guess right.

In some ways, I am so looking forward to becoming an old lady.

2. Have you ever gone out on a date with someone and went home with someone else? Explain.

Yeah, I've left a few guys I suppose... But not really when I was "on a date" ~ more like you agree to meet someplace, or a group thing, and then you trade up. *wink*

3. What is the worst thing (spread a rumor, hook up with their SO, etc...) that you did to a friend? Did they do anything to deserve it?

No. I didn't even do that in high school.

4. What is your favorite sex scene in a regular movie (not porn)? Why?

Favorite sex scene in a non-adult film, hm? I think it would be best for me to list my favorite erotic scene as it's not really the sex then, is it... Then again, being a Gemini it is tres difficile to pick just one, and mood is such a fickle thing sometimes. So off the top of my head here are some of my sexy favorites...

Monster's Ball, Original Sin, and, for submissive moods, The Secretary.

And, if you want to fuck crazy (not fuck like crazy, but screw a woman who is crazy), watch Camille Claudel with me and take your chances.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Well, right now I'm trying to quit smoking (again). I wish I could just be a social smoker. (Instead of the monkey owning my ass, I'd own his, damnit!)

What would you change on your SO?

'On' my SO? lol Nothing ~ not even his extra nipples lol If you mean 'about' him, I guess I wish he didn't have such bouts of insecurity.

Bonus (as in optional): What countries, other than your own, have you had sex in? Was it someone on the trip with you? Someone from that country?


That makes me a little sad... I guess there's something for the ol' to-do list. *wink*

Play along with TMI Tuesday #95? Post your replies in the comments!


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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