TMI Tuesday #97

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How can it be both Too Much Information and the 97th edition? Well, read and see...

1. What's the deal with blue balls?

Once they were a sign of my target market *wink* But honestly: never had any, never seen any... Blue ovaries suck though, especially as you can't show any proof. :P

2. What is the hottest vehicular sex scene in a movie?

I honestly have no idea for this one.

3. Strap-on? yes, no, give, receive?

Never used one. I'd be OK with it, with practice, of course.

4. What is the average penis length?

Are we supposed to research this or give a guesstimate average based on our own experience?

5. How do you stimulate his prostate? Guys, do you like it?

I've used a finger ~ yup, that one, cuz it's longest.

Bonus (as in optional): Confession Tuesday... tell me a secret!

Is there anything about me you don't know? Really?! Then ask in the comments section and we'll see what we can do about that. *wink*

You should know the dealio by now... Post your replies as comments, or over at TMI Tuesday #97, or in your own blog and link to TMI Tuesday.


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Discuss This (8 Comments)

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