How Much Cash Do Non-Cheaters Carry?

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A very late TMI 99.

1. What did you eat for dinner yesterday?

Fast food somewhere along I-94.

2. How much cash is in your purse/wallet right now?

Cash? You people carry cash?! Let's see, there's the $5 in singles for any jukebox (or vending machine), the $10 bill my mom always told me to carry (well, first she said change for a phone call, then she said a few bucks for an emergency cab ride, but inflation and all makes it a $10). And maybe there's a penny in the bottom of the purse...

3. What have you done to avoid being flirted with by someone you didn't like?

Lots of things, but the most practical and least rude is to change the subject to include another person or introduce them to another person ~ preferably someone who is into something you know they are obsessed with ~ and the conversation, and all the attention, goes away from you.

4. Do you believe the theory "Once a cheater always a cheater"?

Pretty much. Unless they've made some significant other changes in their lives, people tend to repeat 'mistakes' they don't really think there's anything wrong with. If they can justify once, they can justify 1,000 times.

5. Describe your sex life in two words.

God, yes!

Bonus (as in optional): Would you/have you ever paid money for sex?

No, but obviously I'm not against it. *wink*


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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