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I can think of so many ways my playful side never leads to a dull moment ever.

I love being playful with my husband especially. With him I can be me and totally uninhibited. My husband is everything a woman needs and wants in every way!!! Did I also mention how BIG he was?!! We're talking 6 foot 6, 350 lbs, and a size 16 shoe. I think you can guess all of his other big assets!! I love the way my husband makes me laugh and jokes with me. He's always telling me how we should document our discussions and turn them in to a sitcom. We joke about the current events and sometimes I get the "remixed" version of the news from my comical spouse.

Then there's my favorite time to be playful with my loving man and that's at night. We turn off all the lights, take off our clothes, and play a game of naked Hide&Go Seek. Often I find different ways to get caught on purpose so that I can get a little extra lovin' !! It's so quiet you can hardly hear anything stirring in the house when we play. Most of the time all we hear are our hearts beating fast with excitement. Of course, I love to be wrestled down and seduced roughly sometimes, don't you?!! There's nothing like a little S&M to get the party started. Believe me after a couple hours of touching, running, hugging, and sweating; I am ready for anything. I am talking hot, juicy lovemaking with all the trimmings!! When we are done ravaging each other, We clean ourselves up and watch a movie or play dominoes.

Well that's my playful mood from a personal point of view and I hope you enjoy it.

Rayana, a 31 year old married stay at home mom to 16 month old AnnElise, also works as phone sex actress.


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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