Sexy Santa Ready To Play

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Jingle balls, jingle balls, boobies bouncing all the way, oh what fun it to ride a well hung man in a one horse open sleigh...

My Christmas spirit is running buck wild in the cold air, dancing naked around the Christmas tree, getting frisky under the mistletoe, acting like a little...ho, ho, ho.

I don't know what it is about this time of year but I am sooo horny. Something about the combination of twinkling Christmas lights and snow...and all the yummy aromas; cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla spice, erotic. Then there's the urge to cuddle close, preferably naked under a big blanket by a roaring fire - primitive urges at their best.

All I know is that when it's cold outside, I'm hot inside. Very, very hot. Especially this year. Maybe it is all the darkness. Everyone knows I'm a night person and with all the extra moonlight, I'm in my element.

Hell, maybe it is just the need to alleviate stress during the holiday season. And we all know sex is the best stress reliever out there. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining. Neither is the husband. ;-)

Even with all my pagan ways I love Christmas. For weeks now I have been running around like a a crazed woman-decorating the house, baking cookies, shopping, having lot's of sex... and my imagination has been going down a candy coated gutter. I've been typing up all kinds of naughty holiday poems and stories which is a first for me because I usually stick to the darker side of erotica (vampires, and ghosts and witches- oh my).

Plus I've been all over the hubby, even more than usual. I don't think he's complaining, he just asked "what got into you?" I just smiled like a naughty little elf knowing the spirit of the season has a hold of me and she's a sexy, slutty, little Santa.

I hope she doesn't let go of me anytime soon. I'm enjoying my candy covered muse. She's so much fun. (Do you think my egg nog's been spiked?) And there are more naughty holiday tales to tell.

I still have shopping to do, maybe the spirit will stay with me through that. I may stop by to see Santa... and sit on his lap:-)

Off to get some naughty toys...

P.S. If you are interested in any of my sordid holiday tales stop by for my short erotic story Candy Cane Thrills or drop by and for two of my naughty versions of The Night Before Christmas.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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