Sex Worker Confessions: The Introduction

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Originally I was going to write a piece -- one single article -- on sex workers and what they do besides the obvious. But quickly it became impossible...

When I first broached the subject with Gracie, I told her that I wanted to present what I feel is the real work in sex work. It's not just flesh & fluids, not just the fluid phrasing of fantasies which leads to fluids, not any dirty deed that we do which ultimately matters. More than looking exotic or swinging from chandeliers, we provide the valuable and value-laden services of companionship, understanding and acceptance. I firmly believe that in my work as a phone sex girl -- and before that, as an escort -- there is compassion with that passion, no matter how kinky the sex acts are.

But as I've written about this before, I wanted a piece which reflected the work and opinions of other sex workers. It wasn't just the larger numbers I wanted, but the different experiences I wanted. I'm aware that no matter how busy or profitable I am, no matter how many individuals I service, my numbers and experiences are still limited and so it is my hope to present not just different voices but different experiences, and some of the different kinds of work that sex workers do.

Gracie of course agreed, and I began interviews, but quickly it became clear that this could not be a single round-table type article; it needed to be a series.

Because I believe the confessions should be read without any further filter, I will be back at the end of the series with more of a wrap-up of my thoughts. Until then I ask that you read each one and share your thoughts -- even if you are not a sex worker, I'm betting you'll see components of your own sex lives, your sexual & relationship needs, in these stories.

Many pros or former pros feel strongly about such advice -- especially going public with it -- as some fear that these secrets could put them out of business or lose clients. So please understand that the lovely ladies involved here are rare, valuable birds in your hand, definitely worth more than those in the bush. *wink*

All my best,

Secondhand Rose, a writer turned phone companion and conversationalist.

Series Continues:

Sex Worker Confessions: The English Courtesan
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