An Eco-Sexy New Year

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A couple weeks into the new year and I'm still sticking to my resolutions.

In addition to my regular resolutions of losing weight, making more money, writing more and publishing more I've added greener living to my to do list this year.

I've always been a bit of a treehugging nature lover. When I was younger I can remember driving my mom nuts about recycling everything and I thought I was so cool with my notebooks made from recycled paper plus Earth Day was a big deal to me, then I discovered boys and sex and forgot about recycling much of anything.

Now I have decided to get back to my eco-ways and I'm learning all I can about living green, or at least greener. I admit I have a long way to go, like giving up my gas guzzling SUV but until my family can afford something that is enviro friendly, able to fit a family of five and haul around big old trailers full of pressure washing equipment I guess we'll be keeping the SUV.

Anyway in addition to finding a more eco-friendly vehicle and incorporating the elements of reduce, reuse and recycle into my life I am also learning about organic products, recycled products, fair trade, sustainable and much more. What surprised me the most is that I can even "green" my sex life.

Yes, even your sex life can be eco-friendly. All those sex toys that I've been collecting may be made of petroleum based PVC or full of toxic phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that have been linked to numerous illnesses and birth defects yet still appear in everything from body lotion to sex toys. So I've invested in a few toys that are more earth friendly like a phthalate free vibrator that I use rechargable batteries with and a wood dildo that looks more like an amazingly beautiful piece of art than a sex toy and the eco-bonus with the wood toy is no batteries needed.

I'm considering being a green goddess for Valentine's Day this year instead of the traditional sultry sex kitten in red. I'm having a hard time finding sexy eco-lingerie though. The UK and France have a couple cool online stores offering very sustainably sexy lingerie like G=9.8 out of France. They offer tres hot lingerie made from white pine needles and branches. The only things I can find in the US are organic cotton and hemp underwear that are rather boring. Plain thongs and hideously huge granny panties. I would love something a little more lively. Perhaps I'll go in search of vintage lingerie, which is another option in the green world, buying used.

In addition to looking for eco-sexy lingerie I think I'll look into organic massage oils and lubes and light up my romantic evening with soy or natural beeswax candles instead of the old parifin candles that are petroleum based.

It may sound like hard work or extra effort trying to live green but I think it'll be a lot of fun especially in the sex department. Oh yeah, hubby and I can shower together to save on water, turn down the heat and crawl under some fuzzy blankets to stay warm while doing some carnal cuddling and afterward we can sip organic wine and feed each other organic chocolates. Sounds like a great green life to me.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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