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A follow-up on the 20/20 show on prostitution.

MyRedBook, a site that posts escort, massage and strip club reviews, has some interesting discussion on the TV program. What sex workers (including one sex worker who appeared in the show) and clients had to say may surprise you...

Sex Worker JessiAt MyRedBook, one of the women in the show, Jessi (aka JessiJames13, shown in photo at right), posted about her participation. I'm not sure she did herself any favors, especially business wise; but she's a brave woman to announce her participation and own up to her words and actions.

In this thread you'll see that some of the men thought the show was "boring" and "full of ugly women"; but not all agreed:

I couldn't disagree with you more about being boring... I thought it showed a side of the hobby many Johns don't want to see or care about. Somewhat "sobering" I suppose is the term I'd use. Sobering enough for me to change my participation? NOPE... but there's real live, caring, feeling human-beings involved here. I hope you treat 'em as such.

Let the flaming begin...

At that same thread, they talked about Jessi:

>Yeah, the one with the venereal disease?

Yeah, it was stated that she had an STD and that was the reason she couldn't work at the brothel.

According to the show, she resolved the issue, and started working STD free at the brothel which she couldn't work previously.

Let's at least give this Hooker credit for cleaning herself up.

If you find all this a little odd; it's not. There are those clients still prefer to demonize the very women they seek services from ~ blaming 'her' keeps him morally clean (he's only compelled to pay because she's made him do it) and his STD is from her, not she from him. (Sorry, guys, but you know it's true ~ and who you are.)

In fact, here's a whole thread ~ at a sex worker review site! ~ where the self-called Johns believe the workers are trapped victims whose work perpetuates their "self loathing". Not everyone agreed, thank heavens; but it's evidence of the cultural attitude which leads to ambiguity even with clients, such as docwizzle:

I watched this show last night, and it got me thinking about stuff I have thought of many times before. Admittedly, the show had a one sided perspective, and focused on the darkest side of the issue, but let's be honest, that side is the most prominant side.

While I acknowledge that there are some women out there that are so clear headed and in touch with themselves that they can ply their trade with little or no negitive ramifications, I also have to acknowledge that the vast majority of them are in some way emotionaly damaged, and probably filled with self loathing about their life.

Yes, it is a for service, but it IS different from paying someone to do your taxes or repair your car.

Sex, especially for women, is a very intimate, primal, natural and personal thing. To do it with someone you have no emotional/personal connection with (no matter how slight), is not natural. To do it for money is even less natural.

If you've paid for sex more than a few times, there's no question that you have added to someones emotional decline. And by sex, I mean women that let you fuck them for money.

Of course, not every one who seeks services feels this way; and you can read their comments at the same thread.

Not all the men were so negative about Jessi. Here sundevil complimented her:

I think you were very courageous to participate and show the side of both you and the profession that few Johns realize and in some cases, sadly just don't care about. There's real emotions, feelings and mental conflicts that are at play in this hobby... on both sides.

I'm no psychologist and actually not very deep at all, but these "conflicts" tell a powerful story about all of us. The guy who was in handcuffs in the room who said, "it's not really about sex at all..." was about as honest as they come.

A few forum members decided to voice their opinions why men use sex services. (You'll kindly note that many of these have been discussed here at SK.)

Sadly, even Jessi's fellow sex workers at MyRedBook took the time to bash her. Shame on you, OriginalCyn. Clearly she didn't watch the program all the way through to see that the STD was taken care of ~ or she's just a hater. As for the "misquote" on ad space rates, the ad rates are expensive (I'm not saying they are not worth it, only that they are up-there in price), so even if Jessi didn't purchase them or can't afford them, doesn't she have the right to speak about them? (And, as I recall, Diane Sawyer stated the rates, likely quoting the options.)

Perhaps the only shock for me was reading the forum poll, in which the majority of folks felt the program was "A left wing propaganda piece". Sure, only 17 people voted; but how did anyone think it was "left wing"? It wasn't particularly kind or helpful to any issue, let alone sex work.

You'll also notice in the poll, and the conversations, most who commented did not watch the program. But one worker, CinnamonTwist, did and said why:

Well the interviews were 2-3 years old. They have been compiling the data/information and felt it was a good time to air due to the Spitzer scandal...

This 2 hour special showed all sides of the business, from the bunny ranch to the girls on the street, to the girls getting pimped, to the girls on high end websites, to the girls marrying for money. It was very informative.

They also went back and talked to people they had interviewed for a follow up to make it as current as possible

If the hobbyists don't want to watch fine. But good providers that want to know as much about their business as possible to either enhance their business, or keep them out of trouble, or even for self security purposes they could've have watched and came to their own conclusion that maybe their life or what they go thru on a day to day isn't so bad - there are people out there doing worse that you! (ALWAYS)

People go to seminars to get ahead in their business. I looked at this as a seminar and I learned some shit so I'm glad I watched. Besides, it wasn't like shit else was on anyway. New shit doesn't start coming on till next week!

I'm not sure what she learned, other than that she's despised, viewed as a formerly abused drug user, is doomed to violence and has little hope for herself; but she seems to have a good work ethic.

I also have to add that I had quite a giggle reading workers and clients alike calling clients not only "Johns" but "hobby-ists". Some days, I still miss the game; in spite of all the negative talk.

FYI, here's some of the people/sites linking to this article; you may want to keep an eye on those comments as well as the ones here at SK.


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