Of Pillow Fights & Panty Showing

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Silent Porn Star brings us A Lesson In Porn, saying, "In male fantasies, the myth of "the sexy lesbian happening" is bountiful.

And I ought to know; I collect old porn & have a lot of it."

In many male fantasies we girls do silly things, like have pillow fights in our babydoll nighties, which somehow turn into sexy fro-licks, and you men just hope you'll be near our windows, delivering a pizza, or working on our clogged kitchen sink when we do.

While the number of pillow fights I've actually had (all of which can be counted on both hands -- and maybe a foot), they've mostly been with boys (my friends' brothers, my own kids, maybe a lover or two), and I've always been clothed when they occurred. And nothing sexual ever became of them.

Another common girls-gone-lesbo myth used in male porn is that of the friends who show each other their panties or some-such. Again, it starts innocently enough; I just have to show my friend Karen my new panties -- and she just has to touch them. (You know, for quality reasons.) And then it all becomes a sex-fest.

Vintage Rodox Lesbians

Do women actually show their friends their panties -- and while they are in them?

Yes; yes, we do.

I've shown off my bra-and-panty-wearing-self to friends more often than I've had pillow fights. And I don't just mean I was dressing or undressing in front of my college roommate; I mean I've lifted my skirt or unzipped and tugged my jeans, perhaps simultaneously lifting my t-shirt, to do so.

Why? 'Cuz they were cute -- or, more importantly, 'cuz I was cute in them. It was not much different than puttin' my strut on before pals in my best ass-showcasing jeans. Not to them; not to me.

Retro Rodox Lesbians

Even if she (they?) touched them.

No one was creeped-out. But no one was so turned-on they had to jump the other & hump; neither in that delicate lipstick lesbian way nor the forceful dominatix fashion.

Well, let me clarify... No one was so turned on by the other, but sometimes we've turned ourselves on with our own sexiness... But not enough to turn lesbian or bi, even for the afternoon or evening.

And I don't just say this as a card-carrying hetero gal either. I've "been there, done that" with a few women; but never because I wanted to show off my recent lingerie purchase.

Those were completely different stories altogether.

I know the stories of the innocents doing the innocuous -- until things heat-up -- is a big fantasy. Not just for guys who love their lesbian action, for guys who want to 'turn' other guys gay, for guys who hope to get that girl who's 'just friends', or for any guy really. We girls fantasize that way too.

But I can't help but wonder that if we would look a bit deeper at these fantasies we would find some darn interesting keys to spicing up our regular everyday sex lives.

Some fantasies should just remain, well, erotic fantasy; but wouldn't life be a bit brighter if our simple everyday innocent & innocuous actions could be turned into playful sex-fests more often.

Silent Porn Star. A woman, a writer, a collector, who says that there are lessons in collecting old smut -- if you are willing to look at it long enough & ask yourself the tough questions.

Photos via Rodox gallery.


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