Is Shaving Your Legs Really Worth The Time?

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DeeDee reviews the Schick® Quattro for Women® and answers the question.

Schick® Quattro for Women® promises a lot: 4 blades and 2 conditioning strips, to provide a shave so smooth, you could skip a day or two -- "because you never know what could happen between shaves".

Well, I know what could happen between shaves -- high school graduations, 5 family birthdays (all in our house), trips to skateboard park (to sit & watch the kids), the Fourth of July, swimming lessons, my anniversary, auctions & flea markets, assorted summer days of "vacation", & back to school shopping. Yup, the entire summer might just pass by without a shave. Because shaving is a problem.

It seems like a frivolous waste of time when you know that the hair is just going to be back tomorrow. And you can't do it in a rush because then you (I) have to wear Spiderman and skull-tatto bandages all over your legs, which draws far more attention than the Sasquatch legs do.

So, shaving is more like a chore than a joy & seems to join the long list of feminine things I did before kids.


But I gave into the Schick-schtick and decided to give my smooth-legged dreams a try... If only for the kids' sake (who wants to admit that the furry-legged being in the shorts is your mother?)

It handles like a dream, nearly "corners like it's one rails" as my car-obsessed son would say, and there's no drag and burn. (Jeeze I need some adult conversation.)

I really like the weight of the razor. I don't want to say it's "heavy" per se; but it is substantial in your hand, which is nice in soapy, slippery situations where you trying to maneuver curves. I'm no tech-type person, but I bet this has as much to do with the close and pain-free shave as the four wire-wrapped blades etc.

The pre-teen who must now shave (though the hair is nearly invisible) loves it too, so I had to get her her own. But this is about me, darnit.

No cuts, no razor burn; so far, so good. But the true test is the next day...

Hey, guess what? They were smooth. And day three? Not bad either... But now I felt so, well, girlie! I wanted to do it again. So I did.

And then I did something I haven't done in years -- I gave myself a pedicure!

That led to getting out the cute pink babydoll nightie, and well, I think you know what that led to...

I can't say the razor saved my life, or my love life either (marrieds & the long-term lovers know that "hairy or not, here I come" is a regular mind-set); but I can say that shaving your legs can bring quite an attitude adjustment, and that the Schick® Quattro for Women® made it easier to do.

Now shaving my legs doesn't seem so much like a waste of time. It's something I do for me -- and those who have to be associated with short-wearing me. But mainly it's for me.

So, sex kittens, put the Schick® Quattro for Women® on your shopping list -- and then buy it & use it.

If you like it, join the Quattro For Women® Owner's Club, where you'll get promotional offers and invites to special members-only events. They say by joining that you'll "get a heads (and legs) up on Quattro For Women® happenings in your area." I have no false ideas about such a gathering in Fargo; but it's a saucy idea. *wink*

But before you sex kittens head off to the store, don't forget to enter the Dare to Dream Date II Sweepstakes. Schick® Quattro for Women® is giving away 3 grand prizes of $1,500 cash!

© DeeDee


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Discuss This (1 Comment)

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