Want To Talk To Nina Hartley? I Do!

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I've got two words for you for this week's Cult of Gracie show: Nina Hartley.

If you don't know her from the 600+ videos and films she's made, thousands of personal appearances (including Oprah), her book, Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex (called "the best book written about sex, ever" by Margaret Cho), her own line of instructional videos for men and women called Nina Hartley's Guides ~ then you must have been living under a rock.

Arguably the most enduringly popular star in the history of the adult entertainment industry, Nina Hartley wins my admiration and affection for being such a valiant public advocate for sexual self-awareness, sanity and literacy. A leader in sex positivity, during the "porn wars" of the 80's, Hartley became a founding member of the Feminist Anti-Censorship Task Force, and today, among other things, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, an organization that works to advance sexual freedom as a fundamental human right by protecting and advancing freedom of speech and sexual expression.

You can find out more about Nina Hartley at XXBN's official blog, and at Cult of Gracie.

I can Hartley hardly wait to speak with her. If you'd like to speak with her too, live on-air calls will be taken at 1.646.200.3136.

You can listen to the show live here. (If you missed the show, the same link will let you listen to the archived show & download the podcast.)


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