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We talk a lot about porn and erotica here at SK. Most of us are in favor of it, in some form or fashion; but there are things we don't like about it.

What tends to happen though, is that we (and this includes the royal "We" of the world at large) give the old nipples up (I like it!) or thumbs down (I hate it!) response, rarely articulating why we love it or hate it and what exactly elicited such a reaction.

So I say, we all go back to school...

I've written some of my thoughts on porn before, but that was in a general sense. I think we should dig deeper, speak louder, and, force ourselves to articulate what we do or do not like ~ and explain why. Even if ~ especially if ~ we are confused by it or feel confronted by our own exploration.

So once a week or so I'll be posting an erotic image and ask that we all provide our aesthetic responses to it.

This has some risk. First of all, you may feel awkward trying to explain your reactions. Don't worry about that; we're all in the same boat.

Some may feel this will not only ruin the arousal factor of the images studied, but remove the erotic factor of porn in general; I do not agree. By knowing more clearly what it is that turns you on and why, you'll be better able to search for and find more erotic materials to enjoy.

And, I hope, by knowing what it is you do not like and hearing others discuss what they do like about it, you may find yourself less conflicted in a personal sense, and less offended in a public sense (i.e. less likely to scream "porn is bad!").

So that none of us feels attacked or judged for being brave enough to examine themselves along with the erotic works (like poor Lina was), here are a few guidelines:

Understand & accept that this is completely subjective and that each unique point of view is as valid as the next. Each of us is going to have our own set of beliefs & experiences which will conjure up different feelings regarding the same image. Your reactions are as valid as the next gal's, including mine.

Understand and accept that this is going to feel uncomfortable. Because each of us is going to examine ourselves along with the porn. In order for this to work, I won't settle for any of us saying simple, unexamined things such as, "I like it," or, "It makes me feel sexy" ~ there must be a "because" statement after it, backing it up with "why" you feel as you do. (Ditto statements like, "I hate it," and "It's yucky".)

Know that this is personal work, but that there will be no personal attacks. This is going to be personal, for all the reasons stated above, but because everyone's reaction is valid, no personal attacks will be tolerated. The discussion will center on the images, the feelings and reactions they provoke (however consciously or unconsciously) and if/when we disagree on them we all will remember that our experiences are unique and therefore our responses will vary.

The first exercise, with the first image, begins in the comments section. So have at it!


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Discuss This (17 Comments)

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