Lingerie & Lipstick Lesbians ~ It's Two, Two, Turn-Ons In One!

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Bill Turlock's Girdle Love III is a nearly two-hour romp for lingerie fetishists and voyeurs of girl-on-girl fantasy action.

This first half of the movie is the sort of slow teasing torture that lingerie lovers lust over; the second half keeps lingerie the focus, but has sensual femme action.

(Gracie's review includes photos and clips!)

Click to see larger image from GL IIIBefore I go into the slow teasing lingerie torture that fetishists lust over, there's something I have to mention about Girdle Love III; it isn't the slick video porn production that you may be used to.

Like amateur porn, there are awkward camera jumps, and you'll hear plenty of unscripted chit-chat ~ including conversation between director and talent (even the classic, "Don't look at the camera!"), but if you allow yourself to view this as a voyeur peepin' through a window, it works pretty darn well. (And if the direction &/or talk bothers you, you can just turn the volume off.)

The other difference between this film and more standard pornos is that Girdle Love III is a pure fetish flick ~ which means it has an exaggerated focus on the fetish (in this case the lingerie) which may make some traditional porn watchers anxious for "the action." However, the male lingerie fetishist will find the anticipation has set their cock to drooling.

It is my opinion that all combined, both the amateur and fetishized approach to the filming, makes for a better voyeuristic lingerie film; but I'd be a poor reviewer if I didn't make such distinctions. (Omitting such things would leave the mainstream porn lover disappointed and it wouldn't assist the lingerie fetishist in finding this gem of a lingerie fetish video.)

The DVD begins with some serious peeping at our two young women, Cindy & Alicia. First they lounge about, chit-chatting & giggling in their short skirts, proffering plenty of gratuitous peeks at their rhumba panties. It's the classic sort of girlie preamble to those traditional male pillow fight fantasies ~ only the girls don't ever move on to a pillow fight. Instead they begin to get dressed for Cindy's wedding.

Of course this means they must first undress.

Girdle Love III Rumba Panties

For the lingerie fetish this slow strip down to just their delicates is delicious. (For those of us who can't imagine wearing panties over our panty girdles, it's a bit odd... Maybe you're supposed to put the ruffled panties over your girdle panty to hide it? I don't know; Momma taught me not to wear such short skirts so my panties wouldn't show. And you wore a panty girdle instead of panties anyway... But hell, the fetishist wants layers & layers of lingerie, right?)

In keeping with the male fantasy, the women help each other slowly peel themselves out of panties, bras and girdles. It's as if the cheeky monkeys know they are being watched ~ or (as most men secretly dream) adore each other in that just-past-platonic way... For they rub, pat and stroke the lingerie and each other as they go ~ even tugging panty girdles so that the garments ride up their pretty (hidden) girlie parts. This is not something we women usually do with one another, and the silliness of such things may make you women giggle; but for the lingerie lover this is heaven.

The slow panty & girdle strip-tease morphs into a slow dressing scenario as the girls, rarely naked, remain locked in what seems to be a perpetual state of partial undress. Off with one pretty bra, on with another even prettier lace bra. The panty girdles must go, but only so that stockings, fancier girdles, & pretty slips can go on...

Click to see larger image of women in lingerie having sex, a scene from the lingerie fetish film Girdle Love III

Eventually, both women are dressed for the wedding and off they go. The screen fades to white.

Then the women are back, but the bride is crying. We hear the supportive words of Alicia, telling Cindy she's better off without him. We watch as she comforts her friend; emotionally with kind words and gentle touches, and physically by helping her distraught friend get out of that wedding dress.

Slowly they undress, again, to slinky slips, shiny girdles, lacy bras, & silky stockings. But unlike the first half of the movie which focuses on looking at the women in lingerie, the second half of the movie is when the women begin to focus on each other ~ let the lesbian sex begin!

Yes, as you'll hear the director remind the actresses, the lingerie remains featured. (I found one scene, where Alicia has one leg out of her blue panty girdle & Cindy places the leg opening over Alicia's pussy and then goes down on her through the leg opening too-too forced & distracting, but maybe it thrills someone.)

But how's the sex?

Pretty darn hot, if you're into lipstick lesbian sex. Enveloped in lingerie as they are, there's no chance of anything other than femme sex sans strap-on. There's lots of kissing and fantastic breast play ~ sensual enough to make this woman get her own panties plenty wet.

Click to see girl on girl lipstick lesbian scene from Girdle Love III

There are, naturally, two oral sex episodes (turn-about is only fair play) and much care is taken to show it. There are scenes where hands disappear beneath slip hems and you can watch the effects on faces, there are long scenes of fingers feverishly exploring, there are close-ups of tongue on wet pussy, there's even oral sex given through the crotch slit in the panty girdle ~ all while moans mingle in the air with the smell of musk. (OK, so maybe I imagined the smell of cunt ~ but I bet you do too when you watch.)

Overall, the film does what it should: Makes lingerie lust & lesbian lovin' come alive for voyeurs & others with such fantasies.

Bill Turlock may just be the current king of classic lingerie fetish film. His videos feature slips, girdles & other vintage lingerie in the same sort of slow sweet erotic anguish that I find so arousing in bondage films. If you're not sure, check out these scenes from Girdle Love, which features m/f sex with a similar focus on the fetish of vintage lingerie.

Review by Gracie.

Title: Girdle Love III (aka # GL-III)
Director/Producer: Bill Turlock, Lingerie Lovers/Panty Art
Run Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes


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