Searching For 80's Fashion & Nostalgia In Porn

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Reviewing Girdle Love III I began to wonder if I could build an entire blog or website around images of the 80's shaker sweaters in porn.

Click to see larger image from GL IIIA hot fashion style in it's day, the shaker sweater was part of the "over-sized" look and worn over leggings or a tight skirt. It was a closet staple for those of us in retail, but it wasn't exactly screaming sex appeal. The deep v-neck wasn't to show-off cleavage, but for layering; you wore a shirt beneath it.

Some racy girls, like the one in Girdle Love III, dared to bare and forego the second shirt. But I did something else.

As a hot chick back in the day, I used to leave work, head to a bathroom, remove my bra, flip the sweater around and wear the sweaters backwards so the deep V ran down my bare back. Sometimes I'd even remove the leggings & wear stockings instead, making it a very short dress. I'd take of my high-heels and put on even higher heels.

Leg Warmers In Retro Porn

One night a local DJ (a nightclub god) couldn't resist all that skin and, high on coke, he licked the length of my spine ~ only prevented from reaching my anal cleft by the the grace of my 5 inch wide belt. I slapped him, much to the chagrin of my girl friends who were hoping to score free concert tickets or some favor.

Ah, good times *wink*

I tried to find more images of shaker sweaters in retro porn to arouse myself thinking about those days, but no luck. I guess there's no SEO battle for "shaker sweater" in the porn industry. Go figure.

I also couldn't find anything for acid wash &/or ripped jeans either and in my recollection, you couldn't toss an INXS tape cassette and not hit a pair of jeans like that.

But I did find leg warmers in porn, which, like Joe Cocker's gal's hat, can apparently be left on ~ even for your gang bang.

(Which got me thinking... Why didn't Kim Basinger have a hat on in that strip scene in 9 1/2 Weeks?)

Anyway, back to my point.

Searching for 80's porn which will flood me with the nostalgia of wearing shaker sweaters while men in acid wash jeans try to lick my back & peel off my panties is nearly impossible.

Leg Warmers In Retro Porn

So I searched for images which reflected my more punk or rebellious garb. Fewer results still. Aside from some anklets in high-heels a la ZZ Top, little in 80's porn makes me horny with nostalgia.

Simply watching 80's porn won't do that for me because for the most part the fashions shown rarely reflect "me" at that time. And, no, I didn't really watch porn in the 80's. Aside from a few views for a fellow I was dating, I had no need to watch it. I was young & fending off sexual advances ~ including invites to "star" in porn.

Apparently all the girls my age that they did talk into making porn films were taken out of their street clothes & into glossy, more sophisticated garb.


Because the majority of guys making the porn were either older or shooting for a demographic that, if not older & more monied, liked a younger bod in a more sophisticated setting & clothing. In the money-rich money-focused 80's, the porn babe looked slick & expensive. She wore expensive, more traditional lingerie, had hair-sprayed-helmet-hair, glossy lips and finger tips, and oozed the worldly cosmopolitan air of a Cosmo cover model. Often, she'd be put in a suit and take it from behind from a man who may not be in a suit or exude any power or money at all. Maybe that was reflective of an undercurrent of a backlash on the feminist movement too. But in any case, babes were mostly glossy & mainstream and that's not reflective of me and my times in the 80's.

It makes me wonder what & who the fashions in porn reflect today... What other elements in porn might be missing which renders porn non-relatable... Is this what makes amateur porn so appealing ~ that we see ourselves in those clothes, those situations and so are more responsive?

I don't know. I'm still looking through porn and thinking about all this. Of course I'm also still just looking at porn for the fuck of it too; so it may be awhile before I get any closer to those answers.


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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