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And then I get to respond.

I stumbled into this post, To Women who complain about older men dating younger women….here is why……, and I figured someone ought to point out just how ignorant this all is.

Sure, I could post my thoughts as a comment there, but then there's the chance I'd be censored. And frankly, I don't even want to give this/him that much attention; but still, who can be so quiet when stuff like this is posted as "illuminating insight"?

This wise educator of womankind writes:

Older men want to be with younger women for three key reasons:

1) Physical Attraction
2) Ego
3) Baggage

As if we didn't know that. :snort:

That's why we complain, for cryin' out loud.

But we call these primary reasons by different names:

1) Immaturity
2) Insecurity
3) Selfishness

But Dufus McAsshat doesn't only think we older complaining women (and for the record, Mr. McAsshat, younger women complain about you & your actions for the very same reasons) don't know those primary reasons older men date younger women. He feels the need to elaborate.

Well, I can too.

Dufus McAsshat says:

First off, “Physical Attraction”….this is a given. Younger women are more attractive, physically fit, all in all just plain hot. Think of it this way, if you could afford a Mercedes, why buy a model that is five years old and not the new model?

Your immaturity is showing here. Not only are you led about by your primitive penis, but your penis & you assume youth translates to "just plain hot". Yes, biology has its role; youthful cues a reminder to fertility and offspring. However, any experienced penis also knows ~ and enjoys ~ the benefits of hot sex with experienced women.

Experienced women, though, will expect you to know what you are doing and to take direction. And we'll expect you & your too-quick-to-assume-things penis to not be so damn quick ~ about anything. Like we'll expect you to hold out longer in the sack. Which leads us to #2 ~ what you call 'ego' and I know to be 'insecurity'.

Secondly, it’s no surprise to anyone that men carry the trait of “EGO”. The mid-life man may feel insecure, they need to know they still have that vitality, that swagger and nailing a 22 year-old girlfriend is like having the nicer car, the tricked out soundsystem, the LCD flat screen, and yes, the biggest dick. An arms race is what it is. Men have spent their twenties and thirties constantly upgrading their “toys”, getting that promotion, finding a bigger pad each time you move, and buying the latest gadgets. Having a younger girlfriend is the queen in the chessboard of toys.

Aside from what I mentioned above ~ you know, that part about expecting you to have sexual skills and stamina ~ I have to point out your misogynistic bullshit.

Do you really think younger women like to be considered your toys any more than older women? Do you think you own any woman?

In fact, I have to ask, have you ever been laid? Without paying for it? Where she enjoyed it too?

I've been laid. Many times. And yes, I've even screwed losers like you. Mostly men in the McAsshat family had to pay for such services when I was an escort, but sometimes I dated a few of you. You know what those experiences gave me? Baggage.

Lastly, the word all men hate, “BAGGAGE”. Yes, we all have it but we hate it as well. Older women come with baggage. They come with a complicated history, and that my friend is a book most men don’t want to read.

Yes, you don't want to hear about the stupid things others have done; you'd much rather be the perpetrator than the companion.

You also love to be the center of attention, talking endlessly about the bitches in your past... Those older women who have dared to expect you to be a man, in bed & out. Those women who refused to be your toys, your doormats, the ones you eschew in favor of what you call "newer models". And there are always newer models, aren't there.

To sum it all up, if I was to choose the main the reason; it would be the ego factor. When it’s all said and done the young girlfriend is the mans trophy; it’s the royal flush, the MVP, the jackpot. It’s like what I said before, it’s an arms race out there for us men and we just want to be the first one to make it to the finish line.

There you go again, racing to the finish line. It's not exactly the female ideal, as I've pointed out.

You know, lots of older men date younger women just because they met a person they are attracted to & care about ~ age was, like hair color or bra cup size, just one aspect of who they were. You make those men take crap they don't deserve.

And you make women, old and young, feel like crap. Doesn't that bother you in the slightest?

I guess not because you're out there, dispensing what you think is profound information. But what you're failing to see is how all of this reflects back on you.

You are an immature, insecure, selfish person. And I'm delighted to know that you'll be steering clear of me.

But I feel so badly for the women you chase, use and hurt.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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