Why You Need To Vote Today

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I could wax on about suffrage, your right & duty to participate in this country's political system, give you a cute Top Ten list... But really there's only one reason to vote tonight ~ and that's to get real leadership in the White House.

Let's face it, the past eight years have been the worst for women. Bush has done everything he could to limit our rights, ruin our health, and limit our standing as equal human beings ~ all while running off to 'liberate' women in other countries.

Now it's time to take this country back for all of us, all the colors, all the orientations, all the individuals & families and their differing but legitimate lifestyles ~ for all all the humans.

Obama's the only one saying anything about those issues, and his intellect on these issues only adds to faith in his ability to tackle the economy, the war, and other issues that matter to you.

So vote for Obama.

And if you're able to, vote "NO!" on Prop 8, and vote "YES!" on Prop K. Go vote for Obama. Now.

And then listen to XXBN's Election Night Coverage tonight, from 10 PM to midnight, Eastern.

But vote, dammit. Vote as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

So does mine.

Vote for Obama and I'll respect you and thank you.


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